The Father Ed Judy House

  • "We serve women and children experiencing homelessness. We walk with families as they restore their lives."

    We serve

    • Single women with children.
    • Many are victims of domestic violence.
    • We can shelter nine families at a time.

    We provide

    • Shelter and basic needs
    • Case management
    • Supportive services
    • Post-shelter support services

    We provide on-going support to families to prevent chronic homelessness.
    We build more than case files – we build relationships.

    We make a difference

    • 93 families were served last year
    • 83% of families moved into stable housing
    • 95% of families remained stable in the community
    • 94% of families exited the shelter with income
    • 66% of families left the shelter with savings

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    Phone: (303) 866-7641
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  • Our Yearly Impact*

    36 families served at the  shelter

    83% of new families moved into stable housing

    95% of alumni remain stable in the community

    72 days was the average stay

    $460 per month was the average income

    284 volunteers served the program

    1,681 volunteer hours were worked

    *All statistics are from Fiscal Year 2012

    Here, families receive more than a safe place.
    They receive services, and the support to rebuild their lives. 

    We serve single women, with children, who are experiencing homelessness, both in shelter and as they return to the community.

    We provide...

    A safe, service-rich environment that empowers women to find stable housing and rebuild their lives

    On-going support in their lives to help them remain stable

    Respect, dignity and relationships to help families reintegrate in the community

    Helping our clients after they move out…

    We continue to support families after they have left our care. We continue to support them as they transition into stable housing.

    Our Post-Shelter Support Services include...

    Comprehensive discharge planning: We review transfer of benefits, discuss their children’s educational needs, plan for safety and anticipate the basic logistics of moving to a new home

    A Move-In Kit: A going-away gift that includes new sheets, towels, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, cleaning supplies and pantry food

    Voluntary Case Management: Case managers remain available to talk to families, constantly encouraging them to remain stable and self-sufficient

    One-on-one counseling: At no cost to our families, we offer continued appointments with our domestic violence resource counselor

    Empowerment opportunities: We invite our former residents to participate in leadership development and advocacy opportunities in the larger community. They have an opportunity to directly educate the community about the barriers that homeless families face, and to break down stereotypes surrounding the image of homelessness, poverty reduction and affordable housing.

    Seasonal celebrations: We offer a variety of holiday gift and support programs for our former residents. Examples include food baskets around Thanksgiving, Christmas presents and a Mother’s Day party!

  • We rely on volunteers to help us serve so many families.

    Last year 284 volunteers dedicated 1,681 hours of their time!

    Volunteers came to the rescue.

    In April 2012, we were told the price of our daily, hot dinners would triple, starting in July. The increased cost was far beyond our budget.

    We took a leap of faith. We sought volunteer help. We cast out a “net” to the community, explaining our need. And what we “caught” was in tremendous support!

    This season marked the beginning of our Loaves and Fishes Ministry. Now, 19 groups - families, parishes or other organizations - have each committed to a certain day (or several days) each month, wherein they cook a hot meal and bring it to our shelter. We have been blessed by this rapid response in our time of need!

    Want to Volunteer?

    Please consider joining our team. Your time truly makes an impact! Click here to learn more.

  • The Top Eight Things We Need Each Month

    The support of the community is invaluable to us! Because we are often asked what we need, here is our current wish list (updated monthly.)

    Please call us at 303-866-7641 if you would like to donate any of these items. We are also happy to arrange a pick-up!

    Our Wish List at Father Ed Judy House in Denver

    July 2014

    • Brooms - 1 inside the house & 1 outside the house.
    • Bulletin boards for each of the rooms (9).
    • Shower Baskets for each family (9) Click here for an example.
    • Plastic Bins – storage for the rooms (20) – Click here for the type we need.
    • Plastic Bins for under the bed (30) – Click here for the type we need and will fit.
    • Hygiene Items – Lg shampoo, conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Dish Shop, or Toilet Paper.
    • Plastic Accordion File – this helps our mom’s stay organized! Click here for an example.
    • Bus Tickets.

    Learn more at

  • father-judy-child-samaritan-houseFr. Ed Judy was a Capuchin Friar known for his deep faith and described by Tom Luehrs, Executive Director of the St. Francis Center, as a man who was funny and who had a low-keyed charisma that connected people.

    “He could talk to anyone,” remembers Leuhrs, “he was very approachable.”

    As the director of the Samaritan House from 1990- 2001, Fr. Ed was a community builder and a strong advocate for people who were homeless.

    In 1999, he spearheaded renovations to the Samaritan House which included a three story addition to expand services to include families, the inclusion of veteran services, and he brought in substance abuse counseling. He also served as the President of the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative for two years where he worked to build partnerships that would benefit the people he served. 

    “He was a great ambassador,” Leuhr adds, as he describes Fr.Ed’s work to raise awareness with the Colorado legislature around homeless issues.

    In addition to his dedication to the homeless and marginalized, Fr. Ed had a passion for baseball and played softball regularly.

    He also enjoyed singing and volunteers at the Father Ed Judy House still comment on how they sang in the choir with him. In 2002, he was recognized by the Serra Trust and by Regis University who awarded him the Civis Princeps Award for leadership in the service of others.

    In 2003, Father Ed Judy passed away after a difficult, two year struggle with brain cancer. Radio personality Thomas Manoogian, better known as “Lou from Littleton” on KOA, who now runs Front Range Sports Network, told how meeting Father Judy changed his life for the better. 

    Manoogian is quoted in an article from this time saying, “I try now, because of Father Ed, to give back to those who are less fortunate than me — not just my old shirt, but to give my heart.” And then went on to add, “I’ve never met a man who had so much faith at such a difficult time.”

    In 2005, to honor Fr. Ed’s service to the homeless and his commitment to engaging the community, a consortium of local service providers decided to name a new shelter for single women with children experiencing homelessness, the Father Ed Judy House. This new shelter was developed to serve families who had already run out of time at an emergency shelter, but who had still not found stable housing. 

    It was designed to offer an extended stay so that families did not have to move their children from shelter to shelter as they searched for housing. On the walls of the small shelter, you will see the smiling face of our namesake, Father Ed Judy. 

    We work hard to provide faith-based, compassionate services to the families who enter our doors, treating everyone with dignity and respect.  We are proud of the legacy Fr. Ed has given us and strive to honor it in all that we do.