Foster family opens heart, home to hospitalized newborn

on Tuesday, 25 March 2014.

Foster family opens heart, home to hospitalized newborn

Baby Peter was a special boy, in need of a special family to love him.

In the weeks after his birth, doctors discovered serious health problems.

Peter had been exposed to drugs in utero, and the poison had taken its toll.

He remained under the care of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit throughout his first month of life, as they struggled to help him eat the food he so desperately needed.

Mike and Carol Geller had recently completed their application as a Catholic Charities Foster Family and, at four weeks old, Baby Peter was placed in their loving care.

They immediately fell in love with their precious foster son, dedicating all their efforts to his healing.

They carefully observed the doctors, as they used special equipment to feed Peter.

And when they realized, soon after arriving home, that that Peter was also deaf, they made immediate efforts to learn sign language.

Now three months old, Peter is growing beautifully and, according to his doctors, meeting all of the traditional developmental milestones for boys his age!

When asked, Mike and Carol describe Peter “as the joy of their lives” and tearfully describe how “blessed [they are] to be his parents.”

*Names have been changed and stock photos used to protect privacy of our clients.

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