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Adoption is a beautiful choice. Many proudly choose it.
We can answer your questions about adoption.

Q. Why might I choose adoption?
A. As a mother, you may be unsure about your relationship with the father of your baby.

  • You may not feel ready to parent your child.
  • You may have life or career commitments that might be difficult to balance with the responsibilities of parenthood.
  • You may feel that another couple would be better prepared to provide your baby with a stable, loving, two-parent home.
  • Today, the adoption process fully empowers the birth parents to make an informed decision for their child.

Q. As a birth parent, can I be involved in the decision surrounding who adopts my baby?
A. Yes! As a birth parent, you may decide:

  • Which family will adopt your child (you will meet them prior to the birth of your child!)
  • That chosen family’s characteristics, including their religious background
  • The level of contact you wish to maintain with your child after he or she is born
  • There are estimated two-million families waiting each year to adopt.

Q. What is adoption?
A. Adoption is the legal placement of a child with people who will raise the child as their own.

Q. What is an “open” adoption?
A. An open adoption involves a “good faith” agreement (meaning that it is not legally binding) between you and your child’s adoptive family, to remain accessible to one another as the child grows up. This agreement says that you and the adoptive family will keep in touch, and it outlines the ways in which that contact will occur.

By choosing the family with whom you feel most comfortable, you will feel confidence that the home and life provided to your child is both safe and loving. As your child grows older, he or she will be able to have his/her questions answered, including questions about who you are, and why you chose adoption for them.

Q. What qualifications must prospective adoptive parents have?
A. Adoptive families are carefully screened and educated about adoption as a way to build their family. The screening process includes criminal background checks, extensive interviews and home visits leading to the completion of a thorough home study.

In addition, prospective adoptive parents participate in a process of education and self-assessment, all focused on ensuring their readiness to become parents through adoption.

Q. How much would I know about my child’s adoptive parents?
A. You can be very involved in choosing an adoptive family for your child; or, you can also choose to be completely uninvolved.

Should you choose to be involved, you will be given “profiles” of various families waiting to adopt.

Profiles include pictures and a letter from the adoptive family and information such as:

  • The potential adoptive families’ ages, personalities and physical descriptions
  • Their marriage status
  • Their religious beliefs
  • Their occupation, education and lifestyle
  • Their level of involvement they wish for you, the birth parent, to have with the child

Q. How soon after birth would my child be placed in the adoptive home?
A. In the state of Colorado, you may place your child with an adoptive family directly from the hospital upon discharge.

Q. Is counseling available for me, to help me make these decisions?
A. Yes! Counseling and support are available, free of charge, and can be on an individual basis, or together with your child’s father, or with other family members. Counseling is a time to share any fears, pressures, questions and concerns you are feeling about your pregnancy, and to make a plan for your child’s future.

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