Senior Services at Mulroy Senior Center

Because I come to Mulroy…

  • I am more physically active.
  • I am more socially engaged.
  • I learn new things.
  • I have more friends.
  • I have more resources and support.
  • I have a positive outlook on life!

We serve seniors age 55+ with on-site services

We prevent isolation and encourage socialization.

We help seniors remain engaged with their peers and the community through:

  • Educational programs
  • Discussion groups
  • Social activities

We promote healthy practices and high quality of life.

We provide services to improve seniors’ medical and mental health through:

  • Regular exercise activities
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Games and puzzles
  • Arts and crafts projects

We advocate for seniors and coordinate their support networks.

We work with government offices to ensure eligible seniors receive benefits such as Medicare/Medicaid, OAP, SSI and Veterans. We coordinate with providers to offer comprehensive support including:

  • Health care professionals
  • Transportation services
  • Spanish translators

Contact Information

Mulory Center: 303-892-1540
For more information, call Virginia Hentschel
Telephone: 303-742-0828 x2046

“I thank God every day.”

Frank came to the Mulroy Senior Center looking for a social outlet. He started coming for the lunch program and participated in Bingo. When he heard that there is an exercise program for seniors, he began to arrive for the classes.

Frank was having with his knees and struggled to stand up. After attending Mulroy for about three months, he stated he has felt so much better. He is able to get out of bed without much difficulty and he noticed that some of his pain subsided. The exercise sessions were helping his endurance and he was gaining more strength in his back.

Frank is also enjoying the other activities at Mulroy and has made a good friend. The lunch program has helped him to get more energy because he wasn’t eating well living by himself. He stated, “I am so glad that the Mulroy Senior Program is there for me and all the seniors who need the help. I thank God every day that I have somewhere to go to help me live better.”