Immigration Services

  • We provide more than legal services to immigrants.
    We preserve and reunite families. We provide access and opportunity.

    We provide assistance for those with valid legal claims to status in the U.S. In doing so, we contribute to a more just and humane society by providing equitable access to legal services, fostering and preserving the family structure through family reunification, and promoting self-esteem through acquisition of legal status.  

    We provide legal advice, assistance and representation

    • Family Visa Processing
    • Naturalization/Citizenship
    • U Visas/VAWA
    • Deportation Defense
    • Deferred Action for Youth/DACA

    We educate the community on immigration issues

    • Legal Aid Clinic Nights
    • Free community trainings on immigration law and the unauthorized practice of law
    • Outreach services and educational materials

    We provide quality service across Colorado and Wyoming

    Catholic Charities has provided assistance to low-income and indigent immigrants throughout Colorado since 1974. Our bilingual staff represent over 25 years of experience in immigration law.

    To ensure equal access to our services, by both urban and rural immigrant communities, we maintain offices in Denver, Glenwood Springs and Greeley.

    Need Help?

    Do you have questions about:

    • Your immigration status?
    • Becoming a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States?
    • Becoming a Citizen of the United States?

    Do you need:

    • Legal advice about an immigration concern?
    • Legal representation in an immigration matter?
    • Assistance with immigration applications?


    Consultations are offered on walk in basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. at the Denver location and by appointment only in Greeley and Glenwood Springs.

    Our Locations:

    Denver Metro Area
    (303) 742-4971
    Consultation Fee: $35
    4045 Pecos St.
    Denver, Colorado 80211

    Northern Colorado (Office in Greeley)
    (303) 742-4971
    Consultation Fee: $50
    Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.

    Western Slope (Office in Glenwood Springs)
    (970) 945-9562
    Consultation Fee: $50
    Consultation by appointment only. Please call to schedule one.


    Please note:  Legal advice cannot be provided regarding inquiries from this website. Please refer to the information regarding our consultation services, as noted above.

  • Long-time Catholic Charities client becomes US Citizen

    Mr. Karoly Varga’s journey towards American Citizenship began when he arrived to California in 1987 from his home country of Hungary. It was there that he met and eventually married his wife, Mrs. Ilona Varga in 1990. Mr. Varga and his wife moved to Colorado in 2006 and they first began receiving services from Catholic Charities Immigration Services of Denver in 2009, in pursuance of Mr. Varga’s US Citizenship.


    Mr. Varga recalls that his interest in art first began when he was just a child. At fifteen, Mr. Varga began working at a porcelain factory in his home country of Hungary, and two years later got a job with another factory doing sign painting as well. Through his occupations, Mr. Varga was able to improve upon his skills, but his love of art and creation, continued far beyond the factory walls to become one of his greatest personal hobbies.


    Now retired, Mr. Varga is able to dedicate much more of his free time to painting and has expanded past ceramics to also painting on canvas. In talking about the sheer volume of art he produces, Mrs. Varga give a shy smile and admits that their house is nearly filled to the brim with his creations. Here too, at Catholic Charities Immigration Services,we are the proud recipients of his artistry. He produced a beautiful hand-painted porcelain plaque commemorating our 40th Anniversary of services in 2014 which is on display in the reception area of our department.


    While the Vargas currently live in Colorado Springs, they always stop by to visit whenever they are in Denver. In May, Mr. Varga appeared with Ilona at his side to deliver some stunning postcard renditions of two canvas paintings he had recently completed which depict the Bride of Christ from Revelations 22:20 and the Book of Matthew 25:1-3. On his lapel, he wore a delicate pin of the American flag, a meaningful token given to him by US Citizenship and Immigration Services in Centennial, CO to commemorate the very special day that he took his oath to become a citizen of the United States of America.




    We would like to congratulate Mr. Varga on his success in obtaining his citizenship and to thank him and Ilona for their kindness and continued faith in Catholic Charities Denver.