Want to adopt?

A Foster FamilyWe facilitate several types of adoption

  • Domestic infant adoption
  • Foster-to-adopt
  • Kinship adoption
  • Designated adoption

Attention: We are currently accepting applications for all adoption programs EXCEPT FOR our Domestic Infant Adoption program. Please contact us for more information.

The process to becoming an adoptive family includes

  • Application
  • Background checks and references
  • Complete paperwork
  • Home study (a series of meeting and family assessment by a case manager)
  • Training and education about adoption
  • Compile a profile book for pregnancy counseling clients to review
  • Meet with birth parents in pregnancy counseling program who have chosen you
  • Placement
  • Post-placement visits
  • Finalization in court (six months following placement)

Matching Process

  • We highly value the matching process between a birth family, child, and adoptive family.
  • Birth parents choose the adoptive family, meet with them, and have a range of communication with them following the placement of the child.
  • This communication is agreed upon between both the adoptive family and birth parents, and commonly includes letters and pictures being exchanged through Catholic Charities.

Contact Us

Cheryl Garcia, MSW
Adoption Case Manager
Phone: 303-742-0823 ext. 2051
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