Victim Assistance

You were severely assaulted and robbed of your purse…

…You’re in physical pain.

…Now you don’t have an I.D. and can’t replace your food assistance card.

…What would you do? Where would you turn?

Crime causes many hurts

For some, crime can lead to devastating situations. Often victims face emotional and physical wounds, as well as financial difficulties.

Victims often need help

  • Affording a safe place to live
  • Locating counseling services
  • Gaining financial stability
  • Replacing stolen items

How we help

Our program provides assistance to families and individuals who are victims of crime. Our assistance is often financial, but we also offer supportive counseling, crisis intervention, encouragement, and referral to other services.

Each region is different

Catholic Charities offers a unique program of victim assistance in two regions.

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