28 Days of Love to shower women with care

Samaritan House is celebrating 28 Days of Love this February. And what better way to show love than through the kindness and support of those less fortunate—especially the growing number of homeless women in the community.

According to the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative’s 2016 Point-in-Time survey, over 5,467 homeless men, women and children are homeless in the Denver area. Homeless women comprise 38.6 percent of this population.

The community is encouraged to join each other to give and support women in need. In addition to providing comprehensive services to help women like Amy (see testimony below). Samaritan House provides safety, shelter, clothing, food and the renewed hope and self-sufficiency needed to integrate back into the community. The new Samaritan House Women’s Shelter opening this year will further help more women to receive the help
they need.

Throughout February, Samaritan House will share a new story, fact or information about women experiencing homelessness. Learn more about how you can make a difference by visiting samhousedenver.org/28DaysofLove.

When you make a donation, a St. Valentine's Day Card will be given in your honor. Your first name will be added to it to show our sisters in need your care and support.


Send your card to a woman at the shelter today!

28-ways to share your love

Looking for more ways to share love and make a difference this month? We've created a list of 28 ways to love and support women experiencing homelessness.

Longing for family

One resident at Samaritan House Women’s Shelter shared her story of struggle and hopes for a reunited family.

The hardest part about being homeless is now. It’s difficult being here on the streets. I’ve been homeless for more than two years. I’m originally from Texas. My own mother had me at 16 years old. I was later adopted when I was 16. I have a one-year-old daughter. She lives in Texas with my mother, but I don’t see her much because my mother and I have a rocky relationship.

I’m expecting another baby now. It’s a boy. But I’m on my own because my baby’s daddy is in jail. He had a warrant out for his arrest. We both used cocaine. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped doing hard-core drugs. For now my street sisters look out for me. We take care of each other.   

It’s plain difficult. I just want stability. Most of all, I need my kids.


Grateful for shelter but longing for home

Another resident at Samaritan House Women’s Shelter shared her story of hope in the midst of poverty and loneliness.


“Everybody hits rock bottom at one time in their lives. This is my rock bottom.

I’m 31 years old. I had a fiancé once, but he committed suicide. I also had a job at Good Times. Then my brother, who is mentally ill and schizophrenic, got my keys and took off with my car. My wallet and ID were in there. I lost it all. We had no other choice than to be at shelters.

I’m so grateful for the people at the women’s shelter. They don’t want to see us homeless. They give me a warm place to lay my head. I’m very thankful for this place.

You feel so lonely sometimes, experiencing homelessness. I’m tired of being cold. But my number one goal is to take care of my brother. I want us to be back home so bad. We’re going to get home one way or another.”

- Amy


*Resident’s name changed to protect privacy.


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