Night of Safety

For a local mom and kids facing homelessness Give hope and healing by providing a night of shelter and care. Every $55 you give could provide a family with safe shelter and resources to help them overcome homelessness. Your gift could help provide: 1 Night of Safe Shelter and Care: $55 3 Nights of Safe … Read more

Marisol Health expands counseling services to help expectant moms

One of the most profound ways we show compassion to each other is to accompany one another through struggles. It’s on this firm belief that Marisol Health offers clinical services to women walking through our doors who need healthcare, counseling and support. “We live in a world that is wrought with a lot of suffering,” … Read more

Counseling team expands into more Catholic Schools across Colorado

COUNSELING TEAM HAS AMBITIOUS PLANS TO EXPAND INTO MORE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS St. Raphael Counseling’s robust and growing team has ambitious plans to offer counseling for every child in local Catholic schools. The team of compassionate and licensed counselors will double their days of counseling services in Catholic Schools this current school year and has plans … Read more

Wellness consultants offer clinical services at Samaritan House

Some 92 percent of residents at Samaritan House report being a survivor of physical, emotional or psychological abuse, and 83 percent share they’ve received previous mental health treatment and a diagnosis. “We have a lot of our clients coming in who’ve experienced really severe trauma,” said Rachel Volmert, a licensed clinical social worker. “We’re asking … Read more

Former teacher and veteran, Howard, seeks housing

Howard is a Colorado native, proud Vietnam veteran and advocate of good children’s books. “I was a first-grade teacher,” Howard said outside Samaritan House downtown. “When I got out of Vietnam, I decided to become a teacher and so I went back to school.” Howard said he served in the military from 1971-1974. Afterward, he … Read more

VIDEO: Rachel and family flourish at ECE

With Catholic Charities supporting her, Rachel keeps moving onward and upward, including her two sons attending its Early Childhood Education centers. “If my son Liam wasn’t in Head Start program before going into kindergarten, he wouldn’t be where he is at now,” Rachel said about her 6-year-old son. “I feel like he was already ahead … Read more

Fort Collins volunteer receives ‘He Comes to Serve’ award

If ever there is a more committed and valued volunteer, Skip Colyer is it in Larimer County. When the sunlight breaks over the morning sky, Skip is already at Samaritan House Fort Collins with staff collecting a week’s worth of food and cooking lunch for hungry residents. He is talented at finding nutritional food on … Read more

Chardi is offered strength during second pregnancy

Ever so delicately, Chardi clings onto her 10-day old baby’s feet. With a smirk she says, “she gets these long toes from her daddy.” When Chardi reached the third trimester in her pregnancy, she moved from Atlanta back to Denver to be around family for support. She stayed with her older sister, Jasmine, until it … Read more

VIDEO: New beginnings for Jordan and Ashley

Jordan and Ashley came to Samaritan House Fort Collins desperately seeking safety from themselves, for their daughter. Without hesitation, staff served the small family dinner and began helping them on their journey to stability. Fast forward to nine months later, the couple is sober, found an apartment, with Jordan working a full-time job. And best … Read more

Not just a woman’s choice

MEN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE SUPPORTING MARISOL HEALTH Lenny believes more men should be involved in supporting pregnant women in crisis. He’s doing his part by joining volunteers in support of Marisol Health, a Catholic Charities’ medical clinic that provides holistic medical care, support and a network of resources for women and families facing unexpected … Read more