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Your generosity helps mothers and their children in our community during the most challenging moments of their lives!



Marisol Health delivers a comprehensive spectrum of women’s health care, counseling and family support services, encompassing gynecological, prenatal, delivery and postpartum care. We also offer support to extended family and friends who are navigating significant healthcare decisions and life events alongside the women in their lives and provide a genuinely positive experience in an open and accepting environment.

Some Marisol Health services are free of charge, including pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, brief counseling and support services, while others are offered at minimal cost or through the use of the patient’s insurance, including Medicaid. Our unique model of care is built on leveraging the existing resources within Catholic Charities including access to shelter, affordable housing, early childhood education and essential material support.

One of the key features that makes Marisol so successful is the focus on behavioral health services. From the moment a patient walks into Marisol Health, our behavioral health team offers a continuum of care including crisis intervention, counseling, resources, referrals and individual and group therapy provided by fully licensed clinicians. Patients call it life-changing and healing.


Marisol Services also offers behavioral support at Marisol Homes, as well as a home-based program that extends across the community. We bring together collaborative, experienced and highly trained clinicians to work with families identified by Catholic Charities and other partner agencies. Services are delivered in-home, in-office and in the community and focus on mitigating trauma, strengthening families and supporting children from preschool to high school and beyond.

Because we have so many touchpoints with people through multiple programs, Marisol Counseling is in a unique position to provide behavioral health and safety net services that support neighbors and transform lives.


Women and their families who call Marisol Homes home are supported with safe shelter, nutritious food, wraparound support services, a thriving community and educational opportunities to lift them into the next chapter of their lives. Our team at Marisol Homes provides nearly a dozen classes to residents ranging from prenatal support to job skills and finance classes. We’re proud that the vast majority of our alumni have remained in stable permanent housing since leaving the program.

Similarly, the vast majority have at least one source of income. And a number of them are able to obtain a college degree or are attending college now.


Marisol Family serves Colorado families by providing material assistance, support services and family education. We assist expectant moms and families with young children in multiple locations across Northern Colorado, providing families with diapers, wipes, formula, baby supplies, young children’s clothing and family education programs.

Marisol Family is a critical entry point to the wider continuum of Catholic Charities services. Marisol Family locations are housed in Catholic parishes where families who need a hand up are welcomed to receive critical resources, assistance and referrals. We also lean heavily on Marisol Miles, our spunky delivery truck that serves as a critical part of distributing diapers and supplies to families in need across the Front Range. Through mobile events, Marisol Miles expands our reach to our neighbors in need who cannot access the parish-based locations.

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