Catholic Charities joins nonprofits to rally for diaper need awareness

Rally downtown to mark National Diaper Need Awareness Week from Sept. 21-27

Denver, CO—Catholic Charities’ Bottom Line Diaper Bank joins dozens of nonprofits in raising awareness about the great need for diapers among low-income families and their work to help solve the issue in Colorado. The nonprofits will gather for a rally at First Baptist Church of Denver, 1373 N. Grant Street in Denver, from 10 a.m.-noon September 22.

National Diaper Need Awareness Week was started to increase awareness of the great need for diapers to keep children clean and healthy, an issue that affects about 1 in 3 Colorado families, according to the National Diaper Bank Network. That’s an estimated 67,000 children in need, according to WeeCycle. Catholic Charities is one of the nonprofits that raises funds for these needs through its Bottom Line Diaper Bank. Raise Colorado, WeeCycle, The Nappie Project and other organizations have joined to form a statewide Basic Essentials Workgroup to raise awareness on the impact of diaper need among families.

The Bottom Line Diaper Bank provides nearly 500,000 diapers a year to low-income families for their infants and toddlers. This fall, volunteers and staff hope to collect thousands more to meet the demand from immigrant, homeless and struggling families who need assistance.

“Diaper need is a silent crisis with parents and caregivers often forced to choose between food, rent, or buying diapers,” said Nhung Nielsen, lead volunteer for the Bottom Line Diaper Bank. “Raising awareness for diaper need is more important than ever now with COVID-19.”

Lindsey Zaback, program coordinator for WeeCycle, will attend the rally and speak at 11 a.m. about organizations that provide diapering supplies for the community. WeeCycle’s executive director says diaper supply is crucial for parents and caregivers to access childcare, which requires disposable diapers.

“Unfortunately, basics aren’t basic for every family. A diaper supply equates to access to childcare and the ability for caregivers to work or attend school,” said Morgan Seibel, executive director of WeeCycle. “…As a group, we are committed to promoting change by ensuring access to basic needs for all our families. Meeting basic needs allows families to achieve independence, growth and stability with dignity."

Limited picket signs will be available and attendees are encouraged to make their own. For those unable to attend but would like to donate to help alleviate diaper need, visit