Guadalupe Volunteers

Volunteers are our backbone. Donated hours means money saved.
And that means more help, for more people.

The Value of Volunteers

  • Over 5,000 hours of generous service each year
  • Over 900 volunteers total
  • Donated hours mean money saved, and THAT means more help, for more people.

Want to volunteer?

Please consider joining our team. Your time truly makes an impact!

Click here to review current Volunteer Opportunities at The Guadalupe Shelter.

Guadalupe Community Center

1442 N. 11th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

The Mission Volunteers

Volunteers are our backbone.

Donated hours means money saved. And that means more help, for more people.

Meet Gary. He conquered addiction. Now, he volunteers.

Gary arrived at the Mission shelter in a hard battle against alcoholism. He soon discovered incredible support in his peers, his case manager, and the shelter staff.

By the end of the 120-Day Levels Program, Gary had secured his own apartment – an apartment where he still lives today.

Now, Gary comes back every day to volunteer. He happily helps in the kitchen and washes dishes. He also finds time to sit and chat with his peers, encouraging them in their own journey.

Gary loves his new apartment, but he loves his new Mission family even more. We love Gary in return. We thank him for his kindness and generosity!

The Value of Volunteers

  • Over 9,000 hours of generous service each year
  • Over 1,000 volunteers total, serving both The Mission and The Hospitality Kitchen

Please call 970-484-5010 for additional information and hours of operation. Please CLICK HERE to see additional needs at The Mission!

The Mission

460 Linden Center Dr
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Father Ed Judy House Volunteers

 We rely on volunteers to help us serve so many families.

Last year 284 volunteers dedicated 1,681 hours of their time!

Volunteers came to the rescue.

In April 2012, we were told the price of our daily, hot dinners would triple, starting in July. The increased cost was far beyond our budget.

We took a leap of faith. We sought volunteer help. We cast out a “net” to the community, explaining our need. And what we “caught” was in tremendous support!

This season marked the beginning of our Loaves and Fishes Ministry. Now, 19 groups – families, parishes or other organizations – have each committed to a certain day (or several days) each month, wherein they cook a hot meal and bring it to our shelter. We have been blessed by this rapid response in our time of need!

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Phone: (720) 799-9400*
*New number as of May 13, 2016

Email: fejh@ccdenver.org
Blog: http://fejh.wordpress.com/
Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FatherEdJudyHouse


Your gift of time in prayer strengthens our community


The gift of your talents is beyond price. You're needed!


Your gift changes lives.

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