Couple gives fruits of farm to Samaritan House

Tim and Sherri Vettel donated funds from the sale of their family farm to Samaritan House in honor of her parents, Emil and Irene Bader, pictured above in the frame.

For more than 100 years, the fruits of the Vettel family’s farm in North Dakota supplied grain across the country.

This year, Sherri and Tim Vettel sold their family’s 1,000 acres and gave a portion of the sale to benefit Samaritan House.

“I just hope and pray that it affects so many lives,” Sherri said. “We wanted to honor my parents memory and give thanks back to the Lord for everything he has done for all of our family.”

Knowing their donated funds from the sale of the farm would further help develop Samaritan House, Sherri and Tim were compelled to make a difference for those
transitioning into self-sufficiency.

In the end, they received the greatest gift from the joy of giving, said the couple, who attends Spirit of Christ Parish in Arvada.

“The giving was huge for me—just to know that we have been able to make that gift,” said Sherri, a convert to the Catholic faith. Their donation was made in honor of her parents, who modeled the practice of giving to Sherri and her siblings.

“My dad hauled coal to supplement income when we were growing, up,” she said.

“That’s how we heated our homes at the time. Even when it was cold and people couldn’t pay, my dad would deliver the coal.”

The Vettels also made the donation under the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit, which gave them a significant cut on their Colorado state income taxes.

They never considered keeping all of the proceeds from the sale of the the land; instead, they wanted to make a difference in others’ lives.

“We had three kids go to college and two getting married. We could have easily saved the money, but it weighed heavily on our hearts that we needed to make a great donation as a tribute to my mom and dad,” she said. “I know so often with homelessness it’s such a vicious cycle. We felt like we had an opportunity to help families get on their feet and make a huge difference in their lives.”



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