Doing Something Radical

Will Hayes is a first-year Jesuit novice who is on a mission to Samaritan House, committed to working with the poor and helping those who need an extra helping hand. With one more year of service ahead of him before taking his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Will is fully committed to his calling. “God’s abundant love has led me to pursue this life in response to all the gifts he has given me. I’ve always wanted to do something radical, and I believe God is calling me to live this life as a Jesuit.”

During his six-weeks as a volunteer, Will proved to be an invaluable asset to the team. Each day, Will took the initiative to clean Holy Rosary, the women’s overnight temporary shelter, where he took care of the bedding and towels. “It’s a huge amount of work that’s never ending to keep this shelter clean but it’s important work. There’s so much chaos outside and people deserve a clean place and a bed to help face the world the next day.”

“Witnessing the hope and relief that individuals experience when they come to Samaritan House is truly remarkable.” – Will Hayes

One of Will’s most cherished moments at Samaritan House was teaching English as a Second Language. “Witnessing those lightbulb language moments when the English phrases clicked for my students brought joy to my heart.” Thanks to his gift of teaching, he felt that he was using his power to help unlock doors, allowing his students to navigate the world with greater confidence.

Through his conversations and genuine interest in others as children of God, Will learned the names of many of the participants, forging connections and creating stronger fellowship. He raves about the belonging and community fostered at Samaritan House. “Even after participants graduate from the program, they continue to stay connected, attending check-up meetings and engaging in conversations with staff and fellow residents. It’s a testament to the good work being done here.”

“I have seen firsthand that being at Samaritan House provides guest with an opportunity to let their guard down and find solace in a supportive community.” – Will Hayes

With his dedication and compassionate spirit, Will exemplifies the selfless service and commitment to others that lies at the heart of the Jesuit mission. His time at Samaritan House has left an indelible impact on both the staff and the participants, reminding everyone of the transformative power of love and community.

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