Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

Support families and individuals experiencing homelessness and receive a state tax credit

The state of Colorado allows you to take up to a 25% tax credit on your state income taxes when you donate to any one of these four Catholic Charities' homeless shelters through the Enterprise Zone:

  • The Samaritan House (Denver)
  • Samaritan House Women's Shelter (Denver)
  • The Guadalupe Community Center (Greeley)
  • Samaritan House Fort Collins

Real Cost of Giving – The table below illustrates how a large part of your donation comes back to you in various tax credits and deductions, to significantly reduce the after-tax cost of your donation.

Estimated Tax Savings





Enterprise Zone Tax Credit





Charitable Contribution Tax Savings











Total Estimated Tax Savings





Net Cost of Giving






— Enterprise Zone Tax Credit: 25%
— Federal tax bracket: 32%
— State tax bracket: 4.55%
— Federal tax deduction benefit has been adjusted to reflect the add-back of lower state taxes.

Note: The example above is a sample calculation. Please consult with your tax advisor for your specific benefits.

What is an Enterprise Zone?

Enterprise Zones exist to encourage private involvement in economically distressed areas. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver operates four homeless shelters, each designated as Enterprise Zone organizations:

Designated Zone

Shelter Name

Minimum Contribution

Denver County The Samaritan House Homeless Shelter


Denver County Samaritan House Women's Shelter


Weld County The Guadalupe Community Shelter


Larimer County Samaritan House Fort Collins


Cash contributions made via the Enterprise Zone and designated to any one of the four homeless shelters listed above are eligible.

Qualifying Donations and Regulations

  • You can take advantage of the tax credits regardless of whether you itemize or not.
  • For those who itemize, the amount of a donation that is not tax credit qualifies for federal income tax deduction.
  • Both individuals and corporate donors can benefit from this tax credit program.
  • In-kind donations are not eligible for this credit.
  • Taxpayers over the age of 70½ who are required to make minimum distributions from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can make a qualifying contribution directly from their IRAs. Please note that other retirement plans — such as 401(k) plans — cannot qualify. Owners of these plans will need to transfer funds from the 401(k) plans to an IRA before making the charitable distributions.
  • Stock and substantiated in-kind contributions also qualify for a tax credit. Please note the guidance on these has changed and can be found here. Stock and in-kind gifts now must be a minimum of 50% cash to qualify for a 25% tax credit. Please note the sliding scale that reduces the tax credit as the percentage of cash decreases; for every 10% reduction in cash below 50%, the donor loses 2.5% of the final tax credit. Please consult your personal tax advisor for further details.
  • You are required to file your tax return electronically.
  • Donor must provide Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Denver with their Colorado Taxpayer Identification Number (which can be either the last four digits of your Social Security Number, or Colorado Account Number, or, for businesses, the FEIN number).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Colorado Taxpayer Identification Number is required in order to process this tax credit. Without the Taxpayer Identification Number, we are unable to send your donation to the Enterprise Zone Administrator for certification and thus unable to process your donation as an Enterprise Zone contribution.

As a participating agency, the state government requires Catholic Charities to submit all donations to this tax credit to the Enterprise Zone Administrator for approval. The Enterprise Zone Administrator collectively processes donations on a semi-annual basis. Once the Enterprise Zone Administrator has approved your donation for tax deduction, they will email your tax credit certificate to you.

Helpful Resources

Review the Enterprise Zone Income Tax Credit Guide from the Colorado Department of Revenue to learn more.

Check out the “FYI Income 23”. This publication is another great resource from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Use our handy calculator! Download this editable spreadsheet to calculate your tax credit with various value combinations of cash and in-kind donations.

*Please consult with your professional accountant or tax specialist regarding your unique tax situation. If you need a Colorado Account Number, please visit www.colorado.gov/revenueonline.

Donate By Mail


Please mail all donations to:

Catholic Charities
6240 Smith Road
Denver, CO 80216

Make checks payable to “Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Denver.” In the memo of the check, write “Enterprise Zone” and designate your preferred shelter/region (e.g., Samaritan House/Denver, Samaritan House Women's Shelter/Denver), The Guadalupe Community Center/Weld, Samaritan House Fort Collins/Larimer. Please include your Colorado Taxpayer Identification Number as well.

Donate By Phone

Call us during business hours to make a secure donation or click to call 720-799-9311 to donate now with your credit card.

According to state regulations, the tax credit must be requested at the time of the donation, so please clearly indicate your desire to donate to the “Enterprise Zone Tax Credit” during the phone call.