Faith, family and figures are fundamentals for the Goss family

As Catholics, Christoph and Tatiana Goss have taken to heart the teachings of Jesus Christ to care for the poor. “Ten percent of all gross income, no matter what the source, goes to charity,” explained Christoph.

Christoph and Tatiana are both engineers, and bring that discipline to scrutinizing recipients, including Catholic Charities of Denver. Of course, they track it on a detailed spreadsheet.

“We know that Catholic Charities covers a lot of areas,” said Christoph. “It takes care of the entire human person. When we evaluate charities that we are going to give our money to, we look into them. We check websites and we do our research. We saw that it does reach out everywhere."

The Goss family is also active in supporting their own parish, Nativity of Our Lord Parish in Broomfield, as well as FOCUS, the Archdiocese of Denver, the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, Sisters of St. Francis and FISH, the Broomfield food bank.

Tithing is a commitment and a part of their family life that also involves their children, Markus and Catalina. Tatiana explained that it is the responsibility of Markus and Catalina to tithe 10 percent of their allowance. The children bring it to the parish, and then they put it in the basket at Mass.

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In their marriage, they consider how they can best serve their community through their giving. They make a commitment to support causes close to their hearts. They support charities that have an impact on their community. The needs of children and feeding the hungry topped their list. “If someone is hungry, they’re not really going to care about Jesus,” said Christoph.

Tatiana explains how they make tithing a family activity, as familiar as Markus practicing the drums or Catalina working on her art projects. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Markus had an interesting assignment from his middle school teacher, who planned to donate to a cause and asked her students to help her make the decision. The assignment required the students to make a presentation about why their favorite charity was a worthwhile cause. Markus, knowledgeable on the subject, did his presentation to the class about Catholic Charities. It was unknown which charity received the donation from the teacher, but it was clear to his parents that Markus had done his homework.