Footers Catering to deliver feast and joy to hundreds of struggling families

Residents of Archdiocesan Housing selected to receive dinners, games for COVID-19 relief


Denver, CO—April 29, 2020—To help feed and provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, Footers Catering will create 750 meals to struggling families who are living in affordable housing units operated by the nonprofit Archdiocesan Housing.

A team of volunteers will deliver the dinners on Friday, May 1, focusing on families living in low-income units across the Denver Metro area. The deliveries will include donated games, puzzles and popcorn from Archdiocesan Housing. The Denver-based Footers Catering received an anonymous $10,000 grant to provide the dinners to bring relief to those who are struggling with food insecurity and greatly impacted by COVID-19. The chosen recipient was Archdiocesan Housing Inc, a subsidiary of Catholic Charities, which operates 30 affordable housing complexes across northern Colorado and Wyoming.

“This means the world to us to be able to provide something to help our families living at in our communities our complexes,” said Cathy Vannerson, Vice President of Housing Management Services of Archdiocesan Housing. “By teaming up with our friends at Footers Catering, we are thrilled to be able to serve our working families through this very difficult time as they worry about being able to provide food or worry about getting sick. We look forward to an evening of enjoying family time and hopefully, not thinking what is for dinner or what bills are due. We are so thankful to Footers Catering for this opportunity to share these gifts with our residents.”

Media are invited to the food and game delivery starting at 3 p.m. May 1 at Footers Catering, 4190 Garfield St. in Denver before arriving at the apartment complexes at about 4 p.m. Denver Family Housing at 1385 S. Irving St. in Denver is among the eight communities receiving the meals.

Footers and Archdiocesan Housing are also challenging the community to match the $10,000 donation so more residents in its affording units will receive meals from subsequent deliveries. Both organizations are asking the community to double the amount to be able to provide 2,400 meals for future deliveries to low-income families in the same communities.

“When we received an anonymous donation, earmarked to serve an in-need population stricken by food insecurity, we reached out to our long-time client Catholic Charities,” said April Lambatos, owner and COO of Footers Catering. “We learned about the needs of 746 individuals served by Archdiocesan Housing, and we are so pleased to be able to offer our services to feed these families in need. With a successful match campaign, we will be able to grow the generous donation we received, and our goal is to provide at least 2,500 meals for families in need. We are so grateful for the opportunity to provide hope and support for the individuals served by Archdiocesan Housing, and to our Footers Catering Family as well.”

For more information about Catholic Charities of Denver and Archdiocesan Housing’s response to the COVID-19 emergency, visit Catholic Charities of Denver is one of the largest non-governmental charitable agencies in the state. A list of urgent needs and supplies are posted daily. The community is encouraged to volunteer, donate and give supplies to help provide relief to those in need during the pandemic.