From Homelessness to Hope: Sharon’s Journey to Stability and Success

Sharon*, a resilient single mother of three, faced tremendous challenges over the past few years. In 2022, after moving to the Western Slope, she contracted COVID-19 multiple times, which eventually led to the loss of her job. With nowhere else to turn and without a place to stay, she found herself and her three children living in their car. 

It was during this difficult period that Catholic Charities on the Western Slope received a referral about Sharon’s situation. We immediately stepped in to provide the support she desperately needed. Our team worked tirelessly to find Sharon and her children safe and stable housing. She was enrolled in our Rapid Rehousing program, which offers up to a year of rent assistance and comprehensive case management. 

Securing housing for families like Sharon’s is a vital part of what we do, but Sharon’s determination to improve her situation truly sets her apart. Most of our success stories involve helping families secure Housing Choice Vouchers to ensure their long-term stability. However, Sharon’s exceptional drive to become self-sufficient makes her story unique. 

Since moving into her three-bedroom rental home in Rifle, Sharon has continued to work diligently. Her resolve didn’t stop there—she completed certification classes in her chosen field and is currently pursuing further education with the goal ofearning a degree. Sharon’s children have also shown remarkable resilience. Her younger two are thriving in school and actively participating in sports and other extracurricular activities. Her oldest child, who had previously dropped out of high school, is now enrolled at Colorado Mountain College and is preparing to take the GED test.

In the past year, Catholic Charities on the Western Slope has assisted nearly 50 households through our Rapid Rehousing funds. Sharon’s story is a testament to the profound impact of this program and the incredible strength of the human spirit. She expresses deep gratitude for the assistance she received, which has not only helped her escape homelessness but also enabled her to pursue her career and educational aspirations. 

Sharon’s journey from living in a car to creating a stable and hopeful future for herself and her children exemplifies the mission of Catholic Charities on the Western Slope. Her story of perseverance and ambition is an inspiration to us all and a powerful reminder of the difference that compassionate support can make in the lives of those in need. 

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the family.