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Only together can we ensure that no one loses hope. With your gifts of love, prayer and financial generosity, we can feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the lonely, uphold the dignity of human life and be a light to those in need in our community.

Andrea's Story

Andrea was in desperate straits. “I was without a plan and almost out of hope and faith.”

Andrea spent years struggling to raise her special needs children on her own. Eventually, they found themselves homeless and without the support they needed.

Andrea turned to Samaritan House to help her rebuild their lives. Staff supported her as they started therapy and found subsidized housing. After only six months, Andrea moved into an affordable home, and her family began to flourish. Andrea is grateful for the help she received.

"There has been blessing after blessing here in my life after leaving Samaritan House."

Won't you continue your support today so that families in need in our community receive needed help?

Last year, generous donors like you helped provide:

559,996 meals at shelters, including 186,668 for low-income children in early childhood education

212,082 shelter nights for homeless children, women and men

714 job placements for Samaritan House residents

112 children and their single mothers sheltered at Marisol Homes


Make a minimum gift to one or more of our homeless shelters and take a 25% tax credit on your state income taxes!

  • Samaritan House Homeless Shelter, in Denver, a minimum gift of $250
  • Samaritan House Women’s Shelter, in Denver, a minimum gift of $250
  • The Mission in Larimer County, a minimum gift of $100
  • The Guadalupe Community Shelter in Weld County, a minimum gift of $100

Real Cost of Giving – The table below illustrates how a large part of your donation comes back to you in various tax credits and deductions, to significantly reduce the after-tax cost of your donation.

Enterprise Zone Credit
Federal Tax Savings
Colorado Tax Savings
Returned to you at tax time
After tax cost of giving
*Figures in the table are based on a 33% tax bracket. This information should not be construed as tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor as situations may vary.