You can help care for women in need: Women’s Care Project launches

Maintaining dignity starts with the basics—fresh and clean undergarments.

Catholic Charities has launched the Women’s Care Project to show the women we serve in our shelters and programs that we care. Among the most sought-after items are bras and underwear of all sizes. As the project tagline says, “it’s what is underneath that matters” our staff in the shelters say that new undergarments are one of the best donations to help women in need.

“Underwear is always in demand. Sometimes women walk in and they have nothing except the clothes on their back,” says Aneilya Carbaugh, the strategic and innovation specialist for shelters of Catholic Charities of Denver. “We feel better when we have clean clothes and so do they. It’s one of those ways to bring dignity back to a population that has that feeling of dignity taken from them.” 

Catholic Charities is the largest provider of shelter – with six locations – for women experiencing homelessness across Northern Colorado. Since women come seeking help and support in various ways, we want to be prepared to provide everything from undergarments and clothing to safe shelter as well as emotional and spiritual support. 

You can help us by joining the Women’s Care Project. Gather your friends and co-workers to organize a donation drive and drop off items at our donation center, located at 2301 Lawrence St. in Denver. You can also visit our Women’s Care Project online to make a donation to help us purchase the sizes most in demand.