Kate + Grace Boutique gives back to Marisol

Kate + Grace Boutique is partnering with Marisol women's services to give new and feminine clothes to women in need.

Katie Lynch has always dreamed of owning a boutique that gives back. Shopping was a family affair growing up, and she and her grandma bonded over fashion and great deals. But becoming a mom to three little boys changed the ease and fun of shopping trips.

“It’s not really your time anymore,” Katie, 29, said about being a mom. That’s when she discovered online shopping.

Although easier, online shopping was expensive and didn’t provide many options of clothing that Katie wanted—clothes that were modest, affordable and feminine. That’s when the former teacher decided that it was time to jump into the online shopping business.

Katie launched Kate + Grace Boutique in March to provide classy, affordable and feminine clothes for all women.

“I wanted to be different,” said Katie, who attends Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Denver. “I wanted it to be more than a clothing boutique. I wanted to have an element of giving and have God be the center of my work and my mission.”

Thus sprang the idea for the name: Kate + Grace Boutique.

“I’m Kate [Katie], but everyone always asks me, ‘Who’s Grace?’ The name Grace in my boutique comes from ‘with God’s grace.’ With grace, I strive to keep my focus around His will for the mission of giving back.”

That’s when Katie heard about Marisol Women’s Services, a ministry of Catholic Charities of Denver that provides comprehensive supportive services for women in need of health care, housing, human services and more. On a visit to one of the Marisol locations, Katie saw a supply of donated items for a new mom—baby clothes, diapers, wipes and food. She was struck thinking of these new and soon-to-be mothers. She thought, “These women’s bodies are changing, and they can’t afford to go and buy maternity clothes.”

Katie, who was 4 months pregnant at the time, knew that this is where she wanted to give.

“There is a need for these women,” she said, “and not necessarily just pregnant women, but all women … I want them to feel beautiful.”

Senite Sahlezghi, program director of Marisol Health in Lafayette, saw the connection between the mission of the boutique and the mission of Marisol over a few conversations with Katie, a longtime friend.

“We were sharing this [mission] over coffee and it just seemed so natural … to participate in this collaborative effort to support the dignity of women who are all unique, strong and capable … and make them feel dignified not only in the supportive services we provide at Marisol, but in a material way as well.”

That is why Marisol only accepts new, never-worn clothes and items for the women they serve—to communicate to the women that they are deserving of something beautiful.

“We want woman to feel special in the midst of crisis and vulnerable situations that brings them to our door,” Senite said. “We want to communicate that you are worth having this beautiful shirt or dress.”

Kate + Grace Boutique shares this mission of promoting women’s dignity. As the boutique develops, Katie’s plan is to donate new, trendy and individually-picked clothes to give to women who are receiving care through Marisol Women’s Services. Her first step was to donate a “date package” – a Kate + Grace Boutique outfit and $100 restaurant gift card – to Marisol’s Annual Light of Life Ladies Tea on April 28. Participants will be able to bid on the auction item, with the proceeds going toward Marisol women’s services.


Attend the Light of Life Ladies Tea!

Join other ladies for a special fundraising event for Marisol Health.

10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
April 28, 2018

Sacred Heart of Mary Church - St. Bernard Hall
6739 South Boulder Road, Boulder, CO

Includes a high tea luncheon, wine pull, jewelry jumble, silent auction with items such as Kate + Grace Boutique's clothing package.

Kate + Grace Boutique gave the following auction items to support the Light of Life high tea to benefit Marisol Health.

Katie said she desires to expand the relationship with Marisol in more ways to serve the women in need in the community through fundraising, interacting and sharing the stories of the women in Marisol, putting together and donating baby baskets for new moms, and more.

“As I develop my boutique there’s going to be a lot of moving parts and change, but the main idea will always be to have that giving mindset, and to always put God first in this mission. And to always be thinking, ‘How can I serve my community and serve these women that deserve to feel beautiful?’”

Senite said, “It’s a beautiful partnership, and I’m excited to see how it will unfold in the years to come.”

Katie added, “With God’s grace, of course.”


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