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Emergency Assistance Program in Larimer County, CO

We help families in crisis get back on their feet. We help low-income families and individuals pay their utility bills. We serve residents of Larimer County.

We offer the following services:

  • Utility Bill Assistance
  • Monthly bus passes
  • Single-ride bus passes
  • Disabled bus passes
  • Birth certificates
  • Referrals to other agencies

We also collect and distribute Christmas presents to over 500 children each year.

Mary’s Story: One Bill After Another…

Mary, 67, came to us with an electric bill she couldn’t pay.

After raising two children as a single parent, she has spent the past eight years as the primary caretaker of her 86-year-old father.

Her monthly budget is $700, between Social Security Income and Food Stamps.

In January 2012, Mary underwent a hip replacement. She’s still recovering from the cost. She now anticipates a second surgery, in light of recent diagnosis of illness in her eye.

Just one week before arriving in our office, Mary’s father passed away, only to discover that his own outstanding bills had been transferred to her name.

Mary sold and pawned as much as she could in order to pay for the burial of her father, his outstanding bills, and her own growing expenses.

Of the outstanding $2,500 facing her, Catholic Charities was able to grant Mary assistance totaling $1,500. Despite the fact that she still had $1,000 to manage, Mary broke down in joy – sobbing and laughing at the same time. She could handle this amount. She felt both astonished and relieved.

Following the appointment, Catholic Charities assisted Mary in setting up a payment plan. She even inquired about Case Management at our Murphy Center for Hope, in order to receive more guidance in the handling of her father’s debts, and more support in coping with her loss.


Utility Assistance:

  • Must have a shut off notice or past due amount
  • Must have valid I.D. that matches the name on the bill
  • Assistance to Loveland residents is provided through House of Neighborly Services

Birth Certificates:

  • Colorado only
  • Must have valid form of ID or alternative form of ID
  • This service can be used only once.

Transportation Assistance:

  • Monthly Bus passes- only 2 per person per calendar year
  • Single Ride Bus passes – up to 10 per person per calendar year
  • Disabled Bus passes- Doctor signature needed or Medicare card
  • Senior Bus passes- ID proving age (60+)
  • Assistance to Loveland residents is provided through House of Neighborly Services

Contact Us

Larimer County Main Office:
460 Linden Center Dr.
Ft. Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 484-5010

By Appointment Only.

Larimer County Main Office

460 Linden Center Dr.
Ft. Collins, CO 80524
Tel: (970) 484-5010
By Appointment Only.


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As the charitable arm of the Archdiocese of Denver, and inspired by God’s love and compassion, Catholic Charities extends the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the poor and those in need.  Serving Northern Colorado since 1927, we serve thousands of people each year, through the generosity of our donors and volunteers.


460 Linden Center Dr. Ft. Collins, CO 80524

EIN: 84-0686679

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