Making a Difference, One Diaper at a Time

Trish is known by her neighbors at St. Martin Plaza as the resource connector. Denver’s River North (RiNo) neighborhood has two Catholic Charities ministries within blocks of each other. One is St. Martin Plaza, where Trish lives, and the other is Marisol Family at Annunciation parish, where families can pick up diapers, wipes, clothes and other necessities for children.

Trish frequents the Marisol Family Annunciation location to collect diapers for her neighbors who are facing hardships. With over two million diapers distributed at multiple locations across the Front Range each year, Marisol Family is a huge support to the Colorado community.

Trish has become a familiar face at the Annunciation location. “I’ve been coming here for over a year to pick up diapers for families I know who need extra support.”

Her commitment to assisting others in her community extends beyond her own needs. She actively engages with other residents at St. Martin Plaza, one of 34 Catholic Charities Housing affordable housing properties across the state and identifies individuals in need of baby supplies to provide support wherever possible.

Each day, Trish is on a mission to bring her neighborly spirits into her interactions. One day, Trish caught up with Maria, a young mother-to-be who works at a RiNo store and told her about Marisol Family. Maria joyfully accepted Trish’s offer to pick up some diapers for her new baby and was grateful for the extra support.

When Trish was asked why she collects diapers for mothers in need around her community she responded simply, “Because I think people need help.” Her words and actions reflect the empathy and community that is at the heart of the Catholic Charities mission.

Trish’s connection to helping others is rooted in what she’s personally experienced by being a resident of Catholic Charities Housing for eight years. Thanks to her firsthand experience with our supportive housing programs, she knows how important a hand up can be and wants to share that spirit with others. For Trish, Catholic Charities Housing and Marisol Family represent more than just services—they symbolize hope, compassion and the power of community. “This is a huge help,” Trish says, speaking of her experience at Marisol Family. “The staff also is really good. I like coming to Marisol Family to help those facing diaper needs in my community.”