Mariposa is ‘heaven sent’ for mom and toddler in need


About 10 months ago Zeresh enrolled her daughter into Catholic Charities’ Early Childhood Education center at Mariposa. The progress she’s seen has been amazing, she said. Her daughter made great strides in language and socialization skills. Zeresh, who lives within walking distance of the center in Denver, shared her great appreciation for Mariposa.


Zeresh and her daughter spend time together at Mariposa Early Childhood Education in Denver.

“Everyone at Mariposa—they’re heaven sent. When I first brought my 3-year-old daughter to the early childhood education center, she didn’t talk and wasn’t potty trained. She struggles with attachment disorder—it’s hard for her when I leave. But the staff was patient. They developed a routine to help her feel comfortable. They give her high-fives and hugs each time we arrive. Now my daughter can carry on a conversation—and she’s potty trained. It’s those little things that mean so much to a parent.

“I worry about my child. I’m in the process of adopting her. It’s almost official. I know the birth mother. We’re friends from church. About the same time I started the process, I was diagnosed with cancer. Mariposa called me to see how I was doing. It’s hard being a single parent, but I know I have their support. And they care about how my daughter is doing at home. They helped me develop positive ways to address her tantrums. It’s brought more peace in my household. It just gets better and better.

“We live across the street from Mariposa. I worry when I leave her for hours each day. But the staff meets her where she’s at. It’s just amazing. I’m so appreciative of Mariposa and what they’ve done for me and my child’s life. I’m forever in tears when I talk about them.”



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