Marisol Health expands counseling services to help expectant moms

One of the most profound ways we show compassion to each other is to accompany one another through struggles. It’s on this firm belief that Marisol Health offers clinical services to women walking through our doors who need healthcare, counseling and support.

“We live in a world that is wrought with a lot of suffering,” said Senite Sahlezghi, clinical director of Marisol Health’s mental health services and a licensed professional counselor. “There is a lot of good in revealing our suffering to one another. That’s compassion—to suffer with one another.”

Sahlezghi and the growing team of licensed clinical and social workers offer needed support for Marisol Health patients and their families at the location in East Denver. The women served by Marisol Health need a support system and resources, especially when facing unexpected pregnancies and additional challenges with work, relationships, education and economic stability.

Marisol Health offers all facets of support for the whole person—and there are plans for continued expansion.

“When we suffer, we desire to make sense of this,” Sahlezghi said. “The clients may wonder, ‘What is the meaning of suffering and why did this happen to me?’ So to be with women facing crisis and in the midst of vulnerable moments in their lives—it’s profoundly human.”

The Marisol Health team is looking forward to growing and serving more women facing unexpected pregnancies as well as those in crisis situations.

“It’s unfortunate that mental health support and resources are more and more in need,” Sahlezghi continued. “It’s a two-edged sword. It’s a sad reality to face in society right now, but on the other hand, what a gift to provide dignified, life-affirming services and mental health resources.”

One former client and mother, Kisha, felt hopeful when she walked into Marisol Health.

“I felt accepted and that I could just be honest,” Kisha shared. “We took a Plan B pill and it didn’t work. And now we’re here for the best care possible and that’s what we got.”

In addition to healthcare, baby supplies and gift cards, Kisha received emotional support before and after she had her first baby, Earlene.

“Marisol gave me every single tool I needed and all the strength that I didn’t know I had,” Kisha said. “My depression would have got the best of me without them truly caring and calling and following up on me and making sure I had the right medicine, making sure I had a support group I could be vulnerable and talk about it.”



Catholic Charities’ Marisol Health offers an innovative model that provides individuals with a  seamless range of services. We help women and families with unexpected pregnancies including holistic reproductive medical care, counseling, housing, early childhood education, diapers,  food and additional support services.

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