Marisol Health offers compassionate options for mother of twins, Alyssa 

The news of Alyssa’s pregnancy was unexpected. As many do in this position, she found herself contemplating different options and next steps. She took to the internet and started scrolling.

Towards the end of her search that was filled with frightening keywords, Alyssa came across Marisol Health and filled out a general inquiry. The very next day, she was accompanied by both nurses and case workers who walked her through the process with dignity and compassion. When the news came about her carrying not one, but two babies, she was understandably overwhelmed.

Alyssa shared that she felt cared for when the nurses showed her that first ultrasound. She walked away from the reception desk and knew that Marisol Health staff would be there to support her on this uncertain journey. And they did, they took her step by step.

Her twin girls Amelia and Brielle were born in July 2022, and Alyssa reflects on the many blessings Marisol Health continues to provide her, even beyond the gift of her beautiful daughters.

“I never thought motherhood of twins would be this hard. I feel like I can get up and do it every day, even when I am so exhausted, because I have support and resources such as Marisol Health.”

On top of offering prenatal care, Marisol Health assisted in the items needed for a mother of twins. They even helped Alyssa set up a baby registry. The postpartum counseling at Marisol Health that Alyssa receives from the support she needs as a new mother.

“I am blown away by the love I have received, even after my twins were born. From care packages to diaper donations, I am so grateful to have found Marisol Health,” Alyssa shared.