Chardi is offered strength during second pregnancy

Ever so delicately, Chardi clings onto her 10-day old baby’s feet. With a smirk she says, “she gets these long toes from her daddy.”

When Chardi reached the third trimester in her pregnancy, she moved from Atlanta back to Denver to be around family for support. She stayed with her older sister, Jasmine, until it became too crowded.

Jasmine, who is a mother to five children of her own, was supported by Marisol Homes, a long-term shelter for women and their children, before she found permanent housing a few years ago. Jasmine suggested that Chardi reach out to Marisol Homes for any resources. A few weeks later, the young, soon to be mom got the call from the program manager, she would move in as soon as possible.

“I was so ready to get involved with the programs offered here,” said Chardi. “I think every expecting mother should take prenatal and parenting classes before they have a baby. The classes I have taken here, have taught me so much.”

Ten years ago, Chardi experienced a traumatic pregnancy that would change the course of her life. During a routine checkup, she found out that her baby boy no longer had a heartbeat. After five months of caring for this baby in her womb, she mourned. When she found out she was pregnant with her second child, a girl, this past year, she was overjoyed, but scared.

Chardi frequented the wellness consultant’s office at Marisol Homes to talk through her post traumas from losing a child, and carrying another. She shared that she was worried every step of the pregnancy, but that working through triggers with the wellness consultant was what helped her sleep at night.

“I don’t know what I would have done without her,” shared Chardi. “Marisol Homes has helped me be a mother I’ve always wanted to be. I am so grateful.”