Marisol Homes-The last stop before achieving independence

Marisol Homes has rooms for families who work toward independence and self-sufficiency.

For women journeying through homelessness, Marisol Homes is the last stop before achieving independence.

In a competitive and expensive housing market, women in Colorado often hop from shelter to shelter, lacking the long-term stability needed to find independent housing. But with Marisol Homes’ indefinite-stay program and its new location in Lakewood, women and their children find the stability and loving community needed to make them successful.

“Many women will go from shelter to shelter. At the end of 30 days or 120 days, they need to move again,” said Marisol Homes Program Director Amy Eurek. “What Marisol Homes does is decrease the instability and stress on a mother and children by offering an indefinite stay. What we offer is the last place they stay before they find a permanent place and independent living situation.”

Marisol Homes has expand its available rooms for single women and children with the opening of a new home in Lakewood. The spacious house has six rooms for families with a large kitchen, basement with children’s play area, and a large yard.

All Marisol Homes locations provide for the physical, material, emotional and spiritual needs of the family.

“We meet each family where they’re at and walk with them through each of the goals that they might have,” Eurek said. “We don’t stop there. We definitely want to take a look at the whole person. We’ll also take a look at the spiritual needs of each family.”

Some 90 percent of women at the homes experienced domestic violence and may have lived in their cars, at bus stops or with friends. Staff help families achieve stable income, find permanent housing and help them grow and heal. Consistency and a long-term relationship is the key to success, Eurek said.

“Our model is very unique, especially because of the continuum of care we provide at Marisol Homes. We not only start with the mom when at the home but we continue with them 10 to 20 years down the road as their children grow,” she said.

Marisol Homes is part of Catholic Charities of Denver’s continuum of care model that provides women with a network of resources to help at all stages of life. Marisol Services includes Marisol Health, which provides medical care. Marisol Homes includes four homes dedicated to serving expectant mothers and single women with children. Gabriel House Project, which has one dozen locations in northern Colorado, also provides essential items for mothers
with babies.


Marisol Homes is a place for women with children to live in a stable and loving environment that helps them end the cycle of homelessness by achieving financial stability and finding independent housing. Each family completes a program based on the continuum of care model that focuses on the needs of the whole person. Families may stay at the homes until they achieve stability.

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