New teams have dreams for greater acts of mercy

Some of the smallest teams in Denver have the biggest dreams of putting works of mercy into action.

They call themselves Mercy in Action Teams, a group of nine cause-driven teams recently launched by Catholic Charities to encourage people with shared passions to create positive change.

Amanda Perrault, a stay-at-home mom and parishioner at Spirit of Christ Church in Arvada, said she believes the teams will enact change in society.

“I’m super excited the Mercy in Action Teams are starting,” Perrault said. “I think it gives people a source of community. I think when you pull together and pool resources, you’ll get so much more done than if you tried (alone).”

She joined two teams—Legislative Support Services and Celebrate Life teams—with other like-minded parish leaders to educate the community, share opportunities, and most importantly, to take action.

Perrault is one of 75 ambassadors, representing 55 different parishes across Denver, Fort Collins and the Western Slope, who act as the liaison between Catholic Charities and their parish or organization. The ambassadors offer information and resources between the ministries of Catholic Charities and their parishes to help more people in need gain access to spiritual and material resources.

Recently, Catholic Charities launched the adjunct Mercy in Action Teams for these ambassadors to work in conjunction to pool resources and exchange ideas.

“It’s a way for Christ’s love to expand through each parish and its unique strengths,” said Angela Deeney, volunteer and parish relations coordinator for Catholic Charities. “There’s many parts to one body. We’re really using all the parts together to serve those in need.”

More volunteers are needed for the teams, including Celebrate Life or Respect Life Ministry, Adopt-a-Family and Christmas Programs, Turkey Drive, Back to School Drive, Bottom Line Diaper Bank Drive, Shelter Support Services, Senior Support Services, Legislative Support Services, and Un Dios/Una Familia or Hispanic Support Services. The goal is for each team to have 5 to 25 ambassadors representing each of the parishes in the archdiocese.

Catholic Charities first reaches out to parish pastors to introduce them to Catholic Charities and requests suggestions for an ambassador.

“We want parishes to know what do,” Deeney said. “We want them to know we’re there for them and here to support them.”

With the ambassadors help, Catholic Charities hopes to increase communication with parishes and organizations, raise awareness of volunteer opportunities to serve vulnerable populations, and give parishes and parishioners tools to serve those in their local community.

Perrault said she is encouraged that the teams will open communication and lead to more action.

“I wasn’t really connected with Catholic Charities before because my parish didn’t have a relationship with them,” she said. “But I think the teams will broaden our access to knowing about all the different services and events. And ministry work can be difficult emotionally. Having that fellowship on the teams is really important.”


Join a Mercy in Action Team

If you currently work in a ministry serving vulnerable populations in your parish, or you know someone who is,
contact Angela Deeney at or 720-799-9296.

Catholic Charities invites all to experience the gift of volunteering.
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What is Parish and Community Services?
Parish and Community Services is a ministry that coordinates greater communication and cooperation between Catholic Charities, parishes in the Archdiocese of Denver, and community resources, providing greater awareness and assistance to those most in need.



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