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Nurturing Bright Futures: Inside the Child Development Center of Catholic Charities

“Every child is a learner, navigating their path uniquely, and here at the Child Development Center, it’s our honor to teach these kids.” This statement from Maru Garcia, the director of the Child Development Center (CDC) is at the core of all Catholic Charities early Childhood Education (ECE) programs. “I’ve been in education for 30 … Read more



Ashley and Jordan's journey
When the couple lost their daughter to protective services, Ashley and Jordan were devastated. They went to Samaritan House for help to achieve sobriety, regain stability and start anew. Watch this video about their story.


From the classroom to Little Flower, Loretta and Sharon’s humanitarian roots run deep in Aurora

Loretta and Sharon’s lives ran parallel in many ways. They both taught at Aurora Public Schools for decades, their kids went to the same schools and they went to the same parish. However, where they connected most was volunteering at Little Flower Assistance Center in Aurora. They both vividly remember when Donna Potter, Director of … Read more

Voices for Life: Uniting for a Cause

Thousands of pro-life advocates gathered at this year’s Colorado March for Life at the Colorado State Capitol on Friday, April 12, 2024. With loud voices and bright banners, individuals from pro-life organizations, schools, faith communities and ministries came together to honor the sanctity of life. Many steps, conversations and connections later, hope and optimism filled … Read more

Empowering Women Through Employment: Catholic Charities Employment Navigation Program Success

Across the Front Range, Catholic Charities is making a significant impact on the lives of women experiencing homelessness through our innovative Women’s Employment Navigation Program, housed at Samaritan House in downtown Denver. This program is a part of the comprehensive way that Catholic Charities looks at all our ministries, wrapping basics like safe shelter and … Read more

Old Friends, New Beginnings: Marisol Homes Celebrates Alumni at 4th Annual Easter Brunch

The Easter season brings with it a sense of renewal and hope—a theme that rings true with Marisol Homes community. On Easter Sunday, Catholic Charities hosted the 4th Annual Marisol Alumni Easter Brunch at the Downtown Aquarium. Marisol Homes hosts this event every year as a celebration of community, resilience and transformation.  Vin Glover, Program … Read more

Prayer for Life: Reflections on the Eucharistic Procession at Marisol Garden

Special moments unfolded in the Catholic Charities’ Marisol Health Garden on Saturday, March 23rd. An army of more than 250 people of all ages joined hands for one mission: to honor the Eucharist and stand in solidarity against abortion. Led by Fr. Jason Wallace, Archdiocese of Denver Director of Vocations, and assisted by Deacon Wayne … Read more

Catholic Charities Kinship program is where families like Audrey’s find community and support

FINDING SOLACE AND STRENGTH AFTER UNIMAGINABLE LOSS In Her Own Words: Audrey shares what the Catholic Charities Kinship program means to her family. “My daughter, Arianne passed away unexpectedly on June 23, 2019, at the age of thirty-six, leaving behind three young children aged 4, 5 and 12 at the time. In the wake of … Read more

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