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Denver Family Are Three Peas in New Modular Pods at Samaritan House 48th

Kathy and her twin daughters, Debbie and Kathleen, are three peas in a pod. They’re inseparable and committed to spending a lot of time together, despite the challenges of experiencing homelessness in Denver for several years. Denver natives, their goal has always been to support and lean on each other, despite the struggles they’ve faced … Read more



Ashley and Jordan's journey
When the couple lost their daughter to protective services, Ashley and Jordan were devastated. They went to Samaritan House for help to achieve sobriety, regain stability and start anew. Watch this video about their story.


Shelter employee inspires hope in others

Sandra arranges a bed with fresh sheets to ensure the next woman to walk through the doors of Samaritan House 48th feels comfort from the smell of laundry detergent from the sheets when she lays her head down.  As Sandra continues her daily duties as shelter associate at the women’s shelter, she thinks to herself: … Read more

With Samaritan House, mom finds new start for her family

The mother stacks a folding stroller-her last belonging-in the trunk of her black Kia parked outside Samaritan House. “We’re going to go see our new apartment,” she exclaims to her young son. She straps her daughter into a car seat as her son jumps inside the backseat. With their belongings in tow, she drives away … Read more

Marisol Homes alumna Tara looks to help others

In November of 2010, Tara and two of her children started a trek to regain independence, gathering what little they had for a stay at Marisol Homes (then known as the Father Ed Judy House), a temporary home for single women and children run by Catholic Charities of Denver. At the time, she had been … Read more

VIDEO: Ilene says life changed for better after giving birth

Ilene was shocked. She recently graduated high school and found out she was pregnant after taking a test at Marisol Health in Denver. After talking it over with her boyfriend, “We decided we were going to go to Planned Parenthood and get it over with.” Ilene did not feel prepared to care for a baby. … Read more

Faces of Hope: Kelly

Kelly just keeps moving forward. She sees her time at Samaritan House 48th as one stop along her destination to stable living. “I’m here for now but this is not my destination,” the 50-year-old shares while heating up hot cocoa. Wearing a purple coat and fleece jacket, she was on her way to taking a … Read more

Faces of Hope: Lena

n Lena’s life, Catholic Charities was not simply the provider of food and clothing during challenging times. They restored her hope and faith in Jesus Christ. Lena, a proud Catholic wife and mother, described her first transformative encounter with Catholic Charities like it was yesterday. Another day of barely getting by while living in her … Read more

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