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“Being here, is like a second chance.” Samaritan House resident Donald heals while serving other veterans

With pride beaming on his face, Donald shares exciting news – his 32nd great-grandchild was born earlier that week. He displays a photo of his newborn great-granddaughter on his phone to those he has grown close with at Samaritan House.   It’s not uncommon to find Donald in the early hours of the day in the … Read more



Ashley and Jordan's journey
When the couple lost their daughter to protective services, Ashley and Jordan were devastated. They went to Samaritan House for help to achieve sobriety, regain stability and start anew. Watch this video about their story.


School Supply Drive brings confidence to the classroom for hundreds of students

Every year, as a new school year approaches, Catholic Charities partners with parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Denver to organize a School Supply Drive, providing essential educational materials to hundreds of students. According to the National Retail Federation, families with school-aged children averaged more than $840 on school supplies in 2023. For many families served … Read more

Doing Something Radical

Will Hayes is a first-year Jesuit novice who is on a mission to Samaritan House, committed to working with the poor and helping those who need an extra helping hand. With one more year of service ahead of him before taking his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Will is fully committed to his calling. … Read more

St Raphael’s Volunteer Steps in to Help Schools Post Pandemic

Mental health is a hot topic in school systems across the country. To meet students where they’re at, St. Raphael Counseling’s school counseling team has grown, partly in response to the complex social emotional and academics setbacks stemming from the COVID pandemic. This expansion of school counseling throughout the Archdiocese of Denver stretching from Eagle … Read more

Intentionality and Social Media

By Mark R. Sanders LPC, CACIII Catholic Charities of Denver’s St. Raphael Counseling I have a love and hate relationship with the internet. I must admit that my hobbies — watching English Premier League football and collecting Star Wars vintage memorabilia — couldn’t exist in the same way without it. However, there is also a … Read more

Marian Plaza residents celebrate the spirit of community

When Twan moved into her affordable unit at Marian Plaza in downtown Denver in March of 1991, she never imagined the joy and sense of community she would find there.  32 years later, she smiles with a flower in her hair as she is celebrated along with other residents, for a monumental anniversary of over … Read more

Monique and her two children get a hand up with help from Marisol Homes

Monique arrived at Marisol Homes in 2019 when her oldest son, Malakai was just a year old. As a young single mother who lacked resources, she felt like she was out of options and insecure about her next move. A life-changing call led her to Marisol Homes, and she relied on the long-term Catholic Charities’ … Read more

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