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Nurturing Bright Futures: Inside the Child Development Center of Catholic Charities

“Every child is a learner, navigating their path uniquely, and here at the Child Development Center, it’s our honor to teach these kids.” This statement from Maru Garcia, the director of the Child Development Center (CDC) is at the core of all Catholic Charities early Childhood Education (ECE) programs. “I’ve been in education for 30 … Read more



Ashley and Jordan's journey
When the couple lost their daughter to protective services, Ashley and Jordan were devastated. They went to Samaritan House for help to achieve sobriety, regain stability and start anew. Watch this video about their story.


Alex’s Pursuit of Stability Leads to Samaritan House Fort Collins

Throughout his entire adult life, Alex poured himself into his profession. His career brought him across the country, constantly on the move. This instability and lack of community, paired with the stresses of work, left Alex seeking something to help him feel better, more in control. He turned to pills to self-medicate, but the pills … Read more

Nancy: The Silent Warrior Nurturing Three Grandchildren, Supported by Catholic Charities Kinship

For over a decade, Nancy has been attending the kinship caregiver support group at Catholic Charities, a resource she clings to and calls a lifesaver. Nancy is raising her three grandchildren, all of whom are on the autism spectrum. When Nancy’s grandchildren unexpectedly lost their father when they were four, six and ten, Nancy was … Read more

The Benedict is Moving Forward

Shovels Up, Hard Hats Down Catholic Charities Housing proudly announces that the Glenwood Springs City Council has given the green light to our new affordable housing initiative for senior residents – The Benedict, a 34-unit project catering to individuals aged 62 and older. With 1,925 apartments in 34 locations across Northern Colorado, including three projects in the Roaring Fork Valley, … Read more

Catholic Charities Helps Newcomers Build a Life 

In response to the ongoing demand for humanitarian aid and legal guidance for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) seekers in Colorado, Catholic Charities of Denver is conducting workshops throughout 2024 to offer crucial support to eligible individuals and families as they navigate the intricate TPS application procedures.  TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status, and it grants … Read more

A Home with Catholic Charities Housing’s St. Valentine’s Apartments in Loveland celebrate our grand opening

“A Home with a Coach” Catholic Charities Housing’s St. Valentine’s Apartments in Loveland celebrate our grand opening In July of 2016, Daniel lost his 4-year-old to an accidental drowning in Fort Collins. It was a life-altering event that would change the course of his path throughout Northern Colorado. After a bout of couch surfing and … Read more

From Blanket to Blessing: Women Find New Beginnings in Upgraded Shelter Pods

Clark grabs the pink butterfly blanket her daughter gave her and carries it across Samaritan House 48th. Excitedly, she makes her way to the Rose neighborhood, a new section of semi-private cubes called “pods” within the Catholic Charities shelter and settles into her new home. “This changes everything for me. I am a quiet and … Read more

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