Not just a woman’s choice


Lenny believes more men should be involved in supporting pregnant women in crisis.

He’s doing his part by joining volunteers in support of Marisol Health, a Catholic Charities’ medical clinic that provides holistic medical care, support and a network of resources for women and families facing unexpected pregnancies.

On many Saturdays Lenny is at the Marisol Health property in Denver, pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, painting, scrubbing floors, assembling furniture and completing needed projects.

“There’s a variety of things they keep me busy with,” said Lenny, a veterinarian in Parker. “It’s a good place to go and volunteer.”

He feels fulfilled by volunteering and has a personal motivation to support pro-life causes. It was 12 years ago when Lenny said he had the chance to support his pregnant girlfriend, but they chose to abort the baby.

“It’s still something that weighs on my heart and mind,” Lenny reflected. “You’re never going to forget that you consented to killing your child. I didn’t stand up for what I should of. I was away from my faith for a long time, and I see now the pro-choice arguments dominated my life. That’s what was in the mainstream media. (Then) I heard the actual truth. There is actually life in the womb.”

Lenny advocates for greater awareness and involvement by men in the hopes that more women will choose life. A man, too, needs someone to talk to and help through the initial shock and fear of an unplanned pregnancy  — support that Lenny said he wished he had.

“It’s not just a woman’s choice,” he says. “If I had talked to someone it probably would have changed my mind. … And she would have agreed. There’s definitely better options.”

After growing in his faith and seeking spiritual direction from a priest, Lenny was encouraged to actively support pro-life causes.

He began serving meals at Catholic Charities’ Samaritan House downtown and other shelters.

“It’s like the simple act of serving a plate of food and you can see how much it means to them,” he shared. “It’s nice to take a little time in the day.”

Thanks to thousands of dedicated volunteers each year, our team serves our neighbors in Northern Colorado with life-changing support as they work to improve their lives. We would love to have you join us! Visit to see a list of many opportunities.


He also joined St. Thomas More Parish’s pro-life outreach.

One time Lenny was praying with fellow parishioners outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Denver. It was during the 40 Days for Life campaign, and they committed to praying outside. He saw the sign for Marisol Health nearby. He contacted them to find volunteer opportunities.

Even the smallest acts of serving can be a profound way to give back.

“Once you start, you get this joy from it. It keeps you motivated to keep going.”

Lenny enjoys supporting Marisol Health in even routine tasks. He knows the great impact that medical providers and staff are having on women and families in need.

He plans to continue to volunteer as long as there are opportunities. As a single man, he says he has the time and believes it’s his vocation now to aid pro-life missions.

“I enjoy it there,” Lenny said. “It feels like a family.”

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