Running for Women’s Health

The Marisol Health team dedicates their run in the Bolder Boulder to women's health.

Katie Abboud and her friends will dress up and run in the Bolder Boulder 10k on Memorial Day to share a special message: regular physical activity plays a part in women’s health.

Jen Boryla

This year the group of seven seasoned runners will sport teal tutus and yellow sunglasses to raise awareness of Marisol Health, which offers medical services and access to social services that elevate women’s overall health and wellness. Abboud, a campus director for the Marisol Health CU Boulder Student Organization, will run with friend Jen Boryla.

At Marisol Health, "they know that being physically active is also a part of women’s health,” said Boryla, an advocate of the women’s clinic who previously worked for Marisol. “Marisol Health is all natural and evaluates their health while considering the whole person.”

Marisol Health, with clinic locations in Lafayette and Denver, as well as the student organization at CU Boulder, provides women with comprehensive medical care and confidential counseling at low cost, or no cost, for those in need. Each member of the team hopes to raise $350 to help provide services for women through the clinic, which is a ministry of Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Denver.

“We hope to tap into the Boulder community and shine a bright light on its services,” Boryla said.

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