Respect Life Denver: Parents should know if their daughter is considering an abortion

By Lynn Grandon, Respect Life Denver Having worked across the street from two major abortion facilities in my life, I have watched many women grapple with the challenging decision about whether to move forward with pregnancy or have an abortion. I’ve been fortunate to witness many make the courageous decision to continue their pregnancy, often … Read more

Radical abortion bill moves to Colorado Senate for vote

Coloradans encouraged to make voices heard against HB-1279 that will likely remove parental rights Denver, CO—Coloradans against a proposed radical abortion bill are expected to testify in droves and make their voices heard this week about House Bill 1279, which is set for a vote before the state Senate. The bill called the “Reproductive Health … Read more

Catholic Community and pro-life advocates oppose radical abortion bill proposed in Colorado

Mom says abortion became her biggest regret  Public rally organized to oppose radical bill      Sharry had made her decision. Scared and shaking, she lay on the cold table with endless tears flowing. She heard the hum of the vacuum after the nurse hit the switch.    In a coarse, hateful voice the nurse told her, “It was a boy.” … Read more

Limitless abortion bill poised to radicalize Colorado

State legislators propose removing parental rights, enshrining late-term abortion Denver, CO—Colorado is set to become the most radical abortion state in the country after state lawmakers proposed a bill permitting unlimited abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. The Catholic Community quickly mobilized to respond and oppose the Reproductive Health Equity Act, HB22-1279. … Read more