Shelter employee inspires hope in others

Sandra arranges a bed with fresh sheets to ensure the next woman to walk through the doors of Samaritan House 48th feels comfort from the smell of laundry detergent from the sheets when she lays her head down.  As Sandra continues her daily duties as shelter associate at the women’s shelter, she thinks to herself: … Read more

Donor: ‘We’re really here to show we care’

Within minutes, women eagerly formed a long line inside Samaritan House 48th in Denver where a group of volunteers unveiled a Christmas surprise for them—brand new shoes. “Welcome to the shoe store,” exclaimed Terry Peltes, a Catholic Charities donor and volunteer, to the shelter participants. “We’re so glad you’re here.” Terry and three of his co-workers and … Read more

Faces of Hope: Debra

Coats donated to Samaritan House   Debra finally found the one—a long tan trench coat among stacks of clean coats donated to Samaritan House.  Hundreds of coats provided through the Coats for Colorado partnership with Dependable Cleaners gave women facing homelessness like her with needed warmth and a brighter outlook.  At first nervous of going … Read more