A great-grandmother finds support for her family — with help from Marisol Family

Lori is in the business of caretaking, so when her 21-year-old granddaughter came to her needing support, including for her three-year-old son, she rushed to their side.

But Lori wasn’t the only one to answer the call. Marisol Family, a ministry of Catholic Charities of Denver that offers material assistance to families, was on deck to help the 57-year-old grandmother acquire the necessary supplies for her grandchildren and one great- grandchild.

On a monthly basis, Marisol Family partners with Denver Human Services for their mobile food pantry events. The Marisol Miles truck helps deliver diapers and other supplies to families at various locations across the Front Range.

“I sat in my car with my great- grandson as we watched everyone receive supplies,” shared Lori, who has been caring for the elderly for 26 years. “I couldn’t get over how supportive this service was.”

Prior to finding Marisol Family at the food pantry event, Lori’s granddaughter came face to face with homelessness. With Denver rents and inflation on the rise, their family knew they would have to find other means to help them out. Lori reached for others resources that would prevent them from experiencing homelessness.

“She doesn’t have to worry about other expenses that prevent her from paying her bills,” said Lori of her granddaughter. “She even found stable housing on her own recently.”

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