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Marisol Homes provides safe and secure emergency and community-based extended-stay shelter for pregnant women and single women with children. We support families who need a safe place to stay as they get back on their feet. We provide maternity care, case management, child care services and lots of love. Our team at Marisol Homes provides nearly a dozen different classes to residents ranging from prenatal support to job skills and finance classes. When our participants leave Marisol Homes, they continue to receive the support they deserve as they start the next chapter of their families' lives and we're proud to report that the vast majority of our alumni have remained in stable permanent housing since leaving the program.

Here, expectant women and moms with children have a safe place to rebuild their lives, seek secure housing and find a path to stability.

Here, expectant women and moms with children have a safe place to rebuild their lives, seek secure housing and find a path to stability.


Monique and her two children get a hand up with help from Marisol Homes

Monique arrived at Marisol Homes in 2019 when her oldest son, Malakai was just a year old. As a young single mother who lacked resources, she felt like she was out of options and insecure about her next move. A life-changing call led her to Marisol Homes, and she relied on the long-term Catholic Charities’ … Read more

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Catholic Charities ministries hit the big screens displaying ‘awful bigness’ ideas

Clyfford Still spent much of childhood thinking how the vastness of the lands surrounding him could offer plentiful resources to others. He later reflected on his experiences as a child that taught him to respect the “awful bigness of the land, the men and the machines.” As an expressionist abstract artist, he used these ideas … Read more

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Celebrating Mother’s Day by Saluting the Courageous Women in our Ministries

The courageous mothers who turn to Marisol Services for help have often exhausted their “fight or flight” responses. By supporting and re–energizing them, our team gives women a chance to recover from traumas they have faced and assist with medical care, material needs and emotional support. Together, we help them regain strength for the courageousness … Read more

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More women are given a haven at Marisol Homes through pregnancy, birth and beyond

Housing pregnant women experiencing homelessness is critical to maternal and infant health. Research shows that adverse environmental conditions such as being unhoused cause negative impacts to the mother and child. According to a recent study, women experiencing homelessness are more than twice as likely to have a complication that impacts their health during birth. They … Read more

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With help from Marisol Homes, Nichole regains custody of her son

When she entered Marisol Homes, 27-year-old Nichole had been fighting a battle with addiction for eight years. When she was in her early 20’s, despite her opioid use, she had been able to maintain jobs in Crested Butte and Breckenridge. Soon, however, her coworkers noticed challenges that came from her drug use, and she lost … Read more

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Single-mother finds safety at Marisol Homes after attempted kidnapping

“It was in that moment, that everything changed for me.” said Dianna. If you watch enough of the news, you can see that it is no secret that human trafficking in Colorado is on the rise. For marginalized communities including those experiencing homelessness, there is an exponentially higher risk of facing a trafficking situation, according … Read more

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Teenager starts small business for good cause

When Avery Newland didn’t make the basketball team this past fall, she knew God had a different plan for her free time after school. Combined with a passion for crafts and the Divine Mercy, Avery started her own business at 15 years old. The business? Prayer in the form of gemstone rosaries. Prayer has always … Read more

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Marisol Homes alumna Tara looks to help others

In November of 2010, Tara and two of her children started a trek to regain independence, gathering what little they had for a stay at Marisol Homes (then known as the Father Ed Judy House), a temporary home for single women and children run by Catholic Charities of Denver. At the time, she had been … Read more

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VIDEO: Ilene says life changed for better after giving birth

Ilene was shocked. She recently graduated high school and found out she was pregnant after taking a test at Marisol Health in Denver. After talking it over with her boyfriend, “We decided we were going to go to Planned Parenthood and get it over with.” Ilene did not feel prepared to care for a baby. … Read more

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  • Shelter and basic needs
  • Maternity care
  • Case management
  • Post-shelter support services
  • Child care services for children up to 12 years old


  • Comprehensive discharge planning
  • A move-into-your-new-home kit
  • Case management
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Empowerment opportunities
  • Seasonal celebrations
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  • Volunteer/mentor opportunities
  • Wish List Program
  • Donate now to help a family succeed
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