Old Friends, New Beginnings: Marisol Homes Celebrates Alumni at 4th Annual Easter Brunch

The Easter season brings with it a sense of renewal and hope—a theme that rings true with Marisol Homes community. On Easter Sunday, Catholic Charities hosted the 4th Annual Marisol Alumni Easter Brunch at the Downtown Aquarium. Marisol Homes hosts this event every year as a celebration of community, resilience and transformation. 

Vin Glover, Program Manager at Marisol Homes, identifies community as a top-priority goal for Marisol event programming. “What we wanted to do is bring back that community feel and have those events where they can actually talk to each other, catch up with each other, see each other and do something fun that they might not do themselves.” 

Marisol Homes is dedicated to offering comprehensive support to women and their families during times of need. From providing safety and shelter to meals and a wide array of other services, Marisol Homes is committed to empowering women to begin new chapters in their lives. 

The program emphasizes education and skill-building, through nearly a dozen classes about prenatal support, career skills, financial literacy and more. Through this practical curriculum, residents are equipped with the necessary tools to navigate life’s challenges and create opportunities for growth. 

Shantel, Marisol Homes alumna of five years, speaks to the profound impact of the program on her life and the lives of so many other women. “It’s an amazing group and organization—Marisol Homes does so much good for us moms and our families.” 

The Marisol Easter Brunch serves as a beautiful reminder of alumni accomplishments and a welcoming environment for former residents to share their testimonies and inspire current residents on their own journeys toward independence. More than just a brunch, this event fosters a sense of camaraderie among alumni and reinforces the larger support network that will always be there for them. 

Alumni Social Case Worker Keya Hatchett prioritizes connection to the program even after participants have moved on. “For me, seeing everybody coming out with their children and having a good time is just one of many opportunities for them to actually feel like they are still part of Marisol Homes.” 

The 4th Annual Marisol Alumni Easter Brunch proved to be a special gathering filled with shared experiences, joy and celebration. It is a testament to the hopeful spirit that defines Easter Sunday and the entire Marisol Homes community—a bright light leading women and families toward better futures and new beginnings.