Prayer for Life: Reflections on the Eucharistic Procession at Marisol Garden

Special moments unfolded in the Catholic Charities’ Marisol Health Garden on Saturday, March 23rd. An army of more than 250 people of all ages joined hands for one mission: to honor the Eucharist and stand in solidarity against abortion. Led by Fr. Jason Wallace, Archdiocese of Denver Director of Vocations, and assisted by Deacon Wayne Lauer and Deacon Mick Magee, this year’s Eucharistic Procession encouraged prayer and commitment to the fight for the sanctity for life. 

The altar was set and the garden transformed into a prayer sanctuary where all were welcome. The procession led hundreds of prayerful attendees around the nearby Planned Parenthood building three times. 

For Jeannine Duffield, Director of Respect Life, also a ministry of Catholic Charities, the procession was a beautiful experience. “Participating in the Eucharistic Procession was incredibly moving. Witnessing more than 200 individuals from various parts of the Denver area unite in prayer and solidarity was profoundly impactful.” 

Everyone from toddlers to senior participants reconvened in the garden after the procession, where Fr. Wallace led a reverent Benediction. Benediction prayers and hymns were distributed, allowing all to participate fully. Catholic Charities staff expressed immense gratitude to all who had gathered and invited them to come together for a group photo—a tangible memento of the unity displayed that day. 

As flyers for the 2024 March for Life, which takes place on Friday, April 12, were distributed and the garden was prepared for Mass, staff, ministers and members of surrounding communities shared conversation and common purpose. Father Ron from St. Francis Cabrini celebrated Mass to seal the spiritual work accomplished during the path around Planned Parenthood. 

Reflecting on the day, Jeannine shared, “The essence of this event lies in the profound dedication within our Catholic Community to honor the Eucharist and the fervent commitment to ending abortion.” 

The 2024 Eucharistic Procession served as a triumphant end to a powerful 40 Days of Life spring campaign and a powerful testament to the values that unite us as a faith community. From start to finish, the message has remained clear: our commitment to life and one another serves as a beacon of hope for the unborn and all who are willing to stand, walk and fight for their future.