Mother of three celebrates her first-ever baby shower at Marisol Homes

Esperanza arrived at Marisol Homes less than two weeks before her due date. With a third child on the way, the weight of nerves seemed heavier than ever, but thankfully, she found an unexpected source of strength in Marisol Homes, a long-term shelter and ministry of Catholic Charities of Denver.

Marisol Homes provides a safe and comfortable haven for single women and their children. The moment she arrived, she was matched with a case worker who helped her map out a birth plan to prepare for this new chapter and bundle of life. She was also given brand-new maternity clothes, including a green dress that she wore to show off her baby bump for her first- ever maternity photo shoot.

Esperanza, originally from Alamosa, made a big life change. After her brother passed away last December, she decided it was time for a change of scenery and left her family and comfort zone. She was understandably nervous about the move from the small town in southwestern Colorado to the Denver metro area. Her first milestone was a successful experience at a rehabilitation facility that specializes in treating pregnant women and then she made her way, thankfully, to Marisol Homes. Esperanza, who plans to name her child after her late brother, was ready to give herself, her children and her new baby a fresh start.

Just weeks before the baby’s arrival, the staff and residents threw Esperanza a baby shower. The common room at Marisol Homes was transformed, filled with decorations of pink streamers and balloons.

“No one ever gave me a baby shower before,” shared Esperanza. “I never had a group of people who I just met care about me so much, that they’d throw me and my baby a party. I got cute outfits, pink blankets and other stuff I need. It was a nice feeling.”

Her hands rest on her growing belly, feeling the love and support from the women at Marisol Homes. Her baby shower was a good reminder that she is not alone, and she feels more prepared than ever to face the challenges that lie ahead. Marisol Homes has given her a sense of stability and a network of strong, supportive women who understand where she’s coming from and, more importantly, where she’s going.