Seniors like Pandora are not “throw away disposable people”

Catholic Charities Housing celebrated the groundbreaking of 30 new affordable housing apartments for seniors at Immaculata Plaza in Greeley. The ceremony was marked by a powerful speech from one of the community’s residents, Pandora, who shed light on the dire need for such housing in Colorado.

Pandora emphasized the challenging living conditions in one of the nation’s most expensive states: Colorado. She highlighted the harsh reality that many seniors who thought they had saved for retirement find themselves struggling to make ends meet. As she reminded the group assembled to celebrate the opening of the new building, her fellow residents at Immaculata Plaza  have all led significant lives with dreams and aspirations that continue to burn brightly, even in their golden years.

“You think you have enough money saved for retirement, but you don’t.”

“I don’t even bring enough money to stay at the old hotel across the street in one little room and afford food, and I had a wonderful job and a big career,” Pandora shared. Her story is a reminder that unforeseen circumstances can affect anyone, regardless of their past accomplishments.

Pandora also addressed the issue of homelessness, noting that some individuals in the Greeley area have been forced to sleep in tents due to the lack of affordable housing. She stressed the importance of recognizing the value of low-income apartments, many of whom contribute to their communities through jobs at food banks and volunteering at local theaters.

Pandora speaks at Groundbreaking.

The message was clear: seniors like Pandora are not “throw away disposable people.” They are individuals with rich life experiences and untapped potential who deserve the dignity and comfort of affordable housing in their twilight years.

Pandora expressed her immense gratitude to Catholic Charities Housing for recognizing the needs of seniors like herself and her fellow residents, with whom she’s already formed a bond and strong community. She lives in a beautiful one-bedroom apartment at Immaculata Plaza, providing her with a great location near the recreation center, senior center and library. This groundbreaking event served as a testament to our commitment to ensuring that affordable housing is not just a dream, but a reality for seniors in Colorado.