Alex’s Pursuit of Stability Leads to Samaritan House Fort Collins

Throughout his entire adult life, Alex poured himself into his profession. His career brought him across the country, constantly on the move. This instability and lack of community, paired with the stresses of work, left Alex seeking something to help him feel better, more in control. He turned to pills to self-medicate, but the pills didn’t bring the help he needed.

Eventually, he decided he had enough, began turning his life around and became sober in 2014. Alex’s journey to sobriety was bumpy and he continued to seek out support for his mental health. He was still traveling for work but was able to stay sober even when times were rough and temptations were challenging.

Traveling so often meant many people came and went in Alex’s life. He usually found himself in the company of decent, kind-hearted people who would be happy to lend a hand to one another. When he was in Utah, Alex found companionship in a friend who also traveled for work. Alex’s life took a sharp turn when his friend began taking advantage of him, going so far as to steal his car, most of his money and several personal effects. He ended up stranded in Salt Lake City with only $200 to his name.

Alex saw two choices – return to pills to ease his pain or call for help. Fortunately, he chose the latter and a phone call to his brother, who is from Colorado, led him to Catholic Charities. He made the trek from Salt Lake to Samaritan House Fort Collins where he sought refuge. For the first time in many years, Alex had the support he needed to focus on himself. During his stay, he was able to start fulfilling several unmet needs: he found a new full-time job, saved over 50% of his income and rebuilt his community.

After everything Alex went through with his friend in Utah, he easily could have chosen to see the world through a jaded lens. Instead, he decided to pour love and kindness back into his community. Outside of his work hours, he found time to volunteer. He was so grateful for the changes in his life that he chose to give back to multiple organizations. His time as a volunteer at these different agencies brought new friends, ones he can count on.
In his four months at Samaritan House Fort Collins, Alex had the opportunity to heal from decades of pain and a tough life on the road. He feels that he has a life worth living for again and shared that “Catholic Charities is a godsend. If you are willing to help yourself, they are willing to help you.” He is happy to be back on his feet, renting his own apartment and have the security to face future emergencies. For the first time ever, Alex is setting his roots, and he is blooming where he’s been planted.

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