Beyond Shelter: Veterans Program Paves the way to Personal Freedom

The Catholic Charities Veterans Program at Samaritan House extends far beyond the conventional concept of shelter, offering a comprehensive array of services, including counseling, job resources and support for those who have served our nation.

Meet Ricky. A U.S. Air Force veteran navigating the challenging transition to affordable housing, Ricky is a great example of the program’s success. Struggling to secure employment, Ricky found direction and assistance through the dedicated efforts of Kayleigh, a career skills coordinator at Samaritan House.

“Thanks to Kayleigh, I was able to find a job,” Ricky said. “She was amazing, helping me with my resume and the application process. Kudos to her. She really helped me out.”

Today, Ricky proudly contributes to the bustling operations at Denver International Airport, serving on the dispatch and parking team.