Brushes of Love: Caleb’s Eagle Scout Project at St. James

Caleb has always been inspired by the sense of community and service instilled in him through his involvement with the Boy Scouts. When it came time to choose a project for his Eagle Scout rank, he knew he wanted to make a meaningful impact on his community. 

After researching local organizations, Catholic Charities’ Marisol Family caught his attention. It was connected to his church and he was intrigued with their focus on helping families. Caleb reached out to the Marisol Family team and they responded promptly. He knew immediately that he’d found his project! 

To raise funds, Caleb filmed a creative video showcasing the rooms he planned to paint and shared his mission to create a more welcoming environment for the families and volunteers at St. James. His video touched the hearts of many, and he managed to raise nearly $450 Additionally, Lowe’s, the home improvement retailer, donated $150 worth of supplies, and Caleb negotiated a substantial discount for the remaining materials, only paying $30 thanks to a kind stranger’s contribution.

Caleb didn’t tackle this project alone. He rallied volunteers by announcing it at his troop meetings, and the response was overwhelming. Twelve people showed up on the first day, and eight on the second. With the combined efforts of five adults and seven kids, they started prepping on a Friday afternoon and completed the project by Sunday. 

“I was amazed by the generosity of people and how willing they were to help; the world is a great place.” 

Caleb knew that he had made a positive impact, not just with paint, but with the love and kindness he and his volunteers had spread.