Catholic Charities opens apartment building for low-income seniors in heart of downtown Greeley

“This is the best place to live if you’re a senior in Greeley.”

In a community where the need for affordable housing is a pressing concern, Immaculata Plaza, a property of Catholic Charities Housing, emerges to support Greeley seniors. The plaza’s latest build opened its doors to residents in late September, with 30 turn-key-ready units for seniors seeking comfort within their means. Located adjacent to the existing 25-unit Catholic Charities Housing property on the Immaculata Plaza campus, the expansive space has quickly become a haven.   

 “This has been a place where seniors have found solace, community and love. Fourteen months ago, this lot next-door was a pile a dirt with a building that needed a little bit of love,” shared Justin Raddatz, Vice President of Development for Catholic Charities Housing. “The location of this space was perfect from the beginning. This is just one block from the senior center, civic center, recreation center, Lincoln Park and the new award-winning Library and Innovation Center.”  

Immaculata Plaza II represents more than just the construction of a building. It symbolizes a community coming together to assist individuals. Through collaboration between the City of Greeley, Alliance Construction, Kephart Architecture, Catholic Charities Housing and a team of investors, Immaculata Plaza has been transformed from a vacant lot into a safe and inviting place to call home. Each apartment is well-equipped with modern amenities, ensuring residents have access to a high standard of living.  

                      Residents of Immaculata Plaza.

“If I did not have this place, I would be on the streets,” Flora, a resident of Immaculata Plaza, shared at Thursday’s event as tears filled her eyes. “I am so grateful.”  

“We all are people who have had very interesting lives and careers before this. We aren’t trash in society. I moved here from the Midwest with my children but with my income, I could barely afford life in Weld County,” shared tenant of the new building, Pandora. “Catholic Charities Housing has given me a chance to be near my children, while still affording a beautiful place to live.   

Catholic Charities began construction on the new building in July 2022 and is filling the new apartments in the building with seniors who need a safe, secure and comfortable place to call home. The 30 one-bedroom apartments are nearly 600 sq. feet with engineered wood flooring, modern black appliances and quartz countertops. Three of the apartments are ADA compliant and there is a laundry facility on each floor of the three-story building.  

 There is a separate activity room and exercise room, each with large glass windows overlooking downtown Greeley. The new apartments are located in a prime location and are available for seniors 62 and older who meet the income requirements. To learn if you or someone you know would qualify, please contact: Tim Mitch, Immaculata Plaza Site Manager at 970-356-0610 or by email at