Keisha and Leonard: Denver Bound for a Fresh Start, Surprised by Christmas Miracle!

Keisha, Leonard and their four children arrived at the doors of Samaritan House in December of 2022. It was the first time they had been away from their families in Louisiana and, with the holiday season and colder temperatures approaching, they were nervous about starting a new chapter in Denver.
Thankfully, the family floor at the Catholic Charities shelter was prepared to welcome the young family with open arms. With Christmas decorations and posters announcing upcoming holiday parties hanging on the walls, Keisha and Leonard immediately felt like they were in the right place.
“The people at Samaritan House were genuinely wanting to help us with the situation,” shared Keisha. “My favorite thing to be is a mom, and I felt so supported.”
During the intake process, a case worker spoke with Keisha and Leonard about their children’s interests to get a better idea of what they might like for Christmas. They wanted to make sure that their first Christmas away from family would be memorable and meaningful for the entire family.
On Christmas morning, the family woke up to find presents waiting for them under the tree. Keisha and Leonard were relieved that, with assistance from the Samaritan House team, they were able to provide their kids with a special holiday, despite the challenges they were facing.
“It was hard at first to have us all in the same room, so I was grateful to have the extra help. They have a childcare space and playground for the kids and getting them excited about this new place helped me out a lot. And they have so many parties. The kids would get so excited about the parties,” said Keisha.
Keisha and Leonard continued to work hard over the next few months to build a new life for their family. With help from Catholic Charities, they were able to secure a housing stipend and eventually move into a home with enough space for each child to have their own room.
“When I get home from work all the kids get excited and say, ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ Getting to build a new life together has been a blessing,” shared Leonard.

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