About Marisol Services

Marisol provides comprehensive care to include health care, housing, and human services.  We offer an innovative model to provide individuals with a seamless range of services, including helping women and men with unexpected pregnancies; providing medical care for those who are unable to access high-quality reproductive care; along with counseling, housing, early childhood education and additional supportive resources.


How Can We Help?

I need help with healthcare

  • 2 Medical Centers
  • Comprehensive Ob-Gyn
  • STD/STI Testing & Treatment
  • Free Pregnancy Verification
    with Ultrasound
  • Counseling

I am in need of housing

  • Shelter and Basic Needs
  • Housing
    • Maternity
    • Women and Children
    • Family
  • Case Management
  • Alumni Support

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Did You Know?

of families were discharged with income
of alumni families in stable housing after 3 years
of families were discharged with housing


Interact with our community.


Prayer intentions and requests.


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