Samaritan House Transforms Lives Through Essential Services: One Haircut at a Time

One Tuesday each month, Samaritan House residents are treated to a service that most of us take for granted. A group of cosmetology students from Emily Griffith Technical College heads to Samaritan House to provide free haircuts to neighbors who are calling the downtown landmark home. Rows of chairs are set up, cutting capes are donned and scissors and razors emerge, transforming the emergency overnight space into a day spa. As they snip, clip and shave, the students and participants share more than just free services, they share stories.

Cristofer Cruz, a barber student from the school, takes extra time to create unique hairstyles for the residents in his chair.

“I love making everyone feel special,” shared Cruz. “My favorite part of every cut is handing them the mirror so they can see their own transformation. The smiles are priceless.”

For many, a haircut may seem like a small act, but for our clients who might have gone months, maybe years, without a haircut, it is a transformative experience.

Free haircutsThe haircuts go beyond “feeling good” to making a significant difference in people’s lives. One client from the Samaritan House women’s program acknowledged that she was very nervous about an upcoming job interview. Thankfully, the day before the interview, she received a sassy new haircut and stylish work outfit from a generous donor who had donated the nearly new clothes to the Samaritan House warehouse. She said she felt like a million bucks and was nervous, but excited for the interview. Guess who got the job?

“I just felt so much more confident. I started the week feeling pretty down on myself, but the haircut and new clothes lifted my spirits and made me feel like I could start a new chapter.”

Haircuts, donated clothes and connections to potential employers are just part of the story at Samaritan House. Join us at Sam’s Supper on September 16th to learn more of the transformative power of Christ’s love, redemption and mercy.