Valentine’s Day Spotlight on Service

Thomas and Anita have been married for more than 20 years. They spend their Thursday afternoons volunteering together at Marisol Family St. Bernadette’s in Lakewood. Thomas and Anita have two children of their own. They chose to volunteer together at Marisol Family because they wanted to give their time to a ministry that helps young families take care of their children.

Anita tells us, “We both have a heart for families, and we wanted to work together where it is important.”

Anita and Thomas are retired and feel working with the team at Marisol Family is a great use of their time. They get to be a part of the positive impact the work Marisol Family has on thousands of parents and children.

Anita reflects on how volunteering has influenced her life, “It opens our eyes to seeing the broad need in the community for free diapers.” She describes volunteering at Marisol Family as humbling and rewarding work.

Marisol Family is helping more and more families every day meet the basic and essential needs of their children. Volunteers like Anita and Thomas are crucial to Marisol Family’s ability to execute our mission of providing material assistance, support service and family education to parents and children all over Colorado.

“I see it in their eyes as I pass out diapers. It is so powerful to see families that choose life when they didn’t have to. When it was hard these families still chose to have their babies, even though it can be hard to accept that they need help with diapers.” said Thomas.

If you would like to be a part of the work Marisol Family does to help improve the lives of parents and children please email Thanks to volunteers like Thomas and Anita Marisol Family can extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to families in need.